Mel Collie | Discover simple ankle mobility in seconds

Mel Collie | Discover simple ankle mobility in seconds

Have you seen that advert for a foot scraper? It was on a lot over Christmas, I think a company was selling them as a gift idea…for a loved one…something that looked like a cheese grater for your feet.

Maybe you never have massaged your feet let alone thought about shaving off the hard skin yourself. Why do we neglect our foundations?

And do you know, your feet are your most valuable asset, your foundation, and we all know how important foundations are for properties.

And thats where we, as adults, fall short, so to speak, we dont play anymore.
Im not going to tell you to get yourself a swing or a roundabout, though it would be fun if you did, but show you some simple ankle exercises that release jammed joints and tight fascia.

Simple exercises that take seconds, can be done at home, in the office, at the gym between sets, at the climbing wall between routes or problems, before yoga, pilates, whatever you love to do.

Just so you can imagine what area we are focusing on – put a finger on one ankle bone (the outside of the foot, not inside of the foot) move it about an inch down and 1/2 inch back towards the heel. . This is the area you are going to focus on as we do the first exercise.

a. Standing, place one leg forwards. Toes facing forward on both feet, keep a tall posture and don’t hold your breath. Gently roll to the outside edge of the foot, so the inside edge of the foot will lift. Its ok that the toes will lift, except the little toe.
The area where you placed your finger is the area you are aiming towards the floor.
Return to neutral, repeat 5 times. Then change feet.

b.This time we are stretching the same area but on the inside edge of the ankle. 1 inch down and 1/2 inch back.
Do a sideways lunge. Your focus is on the straight leg.
The area where you are focusing is the area you are wanting to stretch, so do exactly the same move as before, but its the inside edge you now want to stretch.
c. Finally, this is for the front of the foot, the cuneiform bone.
This video talks you through it, 3 – 5 reps on each side. You are focusing on feeling a stretch in the toes. Don’t do this on a hard surface, its painful ! If necessary place the foot on a rolled up towel. If your balance feels wobbly, then hold onto the wall or a chair.

When you’ve practiced all three mobility drills, do them often.
What happens in the ankle affects the knee and hip. Take advice from your GP if you have had an ankle injury before doing these mobility drills, just to be safe :)

Mel Collie

Mel Collie | How long you been stretching those hamstrings?

Mel Collie | How long you been stretching those hamstrings?

It seems hamstrings get a poor press – especially in the athletic world, they are always being stretched (usually badly at the expense of the lower back) or being strained.

Where are those hamstrings?  You will find them from the back of your knees to the base of your pelvis, and theres 3 of them, its been suggested that one of the inner thigh muscles, the adductor magnus,  is the 4th hamstring.

Your glutes also play a part in hamstring effectiveness also, in fact the calves and feet do also..but so does you brain.

Simply stretching it deals with the issue doesnt it…?
Well, lets look at whats going on first…because its not just a short hamstring you are dealing with, we want to know why, because we are assessing, not just guessing.

The hamstrings don’t work just on their own, no muscle does, they all work like an orchestra, in harmony with each other, well, thats the plan..but the way we move, sit walk, stand, the food choices and hydration all affects the inner system, the nervous system, the software, as well as the hardware, the bones, muscles and fascia.

Simply stretching them doesnt last, other stuff has to happen too. The nervous system has control over how the muscles move. Its job is to protect the muscles from harm, so a stretch can be seen by the nervous system as a threat, so it will make sure that stretch doesnt go too far, in order to do that the nervous system simply makes those hamstrings tighter and more sore to stop you from stretching outside the perceived area of safety .

Theres many reasons the brain can put a halt on a stretch, those hamstrings are tight for a reason, could be to reduce range in the knee, maybe because of a previous  injury for example.

So should you stretch?
Well, you might get a better result, and I do get better results from clients with a few simple fascial release techniques:

1. Massage your forehead all the way up to the hairline, gentle fingertip massage, for a couple of minutes
2. Massage your cheekbones down to your jaw for a few minutes
3. Massage the head. And if you have got a full head of hair, gently grab a handful of hair, and pull it very gently, you should not feel pain at all, but a gentle pull and circular motion, all over the head.

To assess it, check the length of your hamstrings first, do a forward bend, touch the toes, or lie on the back and lift one leg up, without moving your pelvis from a neutral position, or you are cheating and wont see a true benefit.(keep your bum on the floor)

Further, in using your brain and your senses, I also have great success, on my own hamstrings by seeing the type of person i am, the thoughts I have, and the effect the brain has on your muscles.

I will follow on from this next time, as we go into the nervous system, vision, proprioception and spatial awareness and how it all affects your movement, tight muscles and pain.

For now, if you are into fascial release, one of the best ways to have more flexible fascia is to be hydrated, drink more water and less caffeine.

Enjoy your Hamstrings :)



Mel Collie | Bingo Wings & saddlebags

Mel Collie | Bingo Wings & Saddlebags

I was watching a programme last week on weddings, being filmed last Summer, everyone was in a short sleeved dress (apart from the guys obviously..)

When they waved goodbye to the bride, those underarms flapped..and even though we think it means you should do more exercise to tone up those arms, we’ve jumped the gun a bit and ned to go back to basics, work on the foundations, then you can work on the training.

Heres where to begin:

Tricpes – Fat being stored here is telling you something, it doesn’t sit here for a laugh, its here for a reason.Its your body way of telling you that you are low in Testosterone.

Stress kills testosterone levels as does lack of sleep, so instead of adding in extra training, start by looking at what you are already doing to help you out.

1. Stress levels – easy for me to tell you to reduce them isn’t it..I don’t know what your lifestyle is like. However, we all have stress, and its normal, its good to have, however, look at it like this – you have a bucket, and in it is some water and a few levels of pebbles, the bottom layer is financial, the next is hydration, the next is family, the next is work, the next is fitness – for example…now as we have more issues in one of those areas., the levels rise, we start to see the bucket overflowing, it can be a simple as getting a bill in the post on a Monday morning when you have to be at work on time and get the kids to school early. Sound familiar?  De- stressing can be simple things like having a monthly massage. Having a bath with the candles lit and the door locked. Having a walk with a loved one. Walking 10 minutes every day. Reading a chapter of your book in peace and quiet. Its re charging your batteries. It helps you cope, gives you a clear head and focused mind to tackle the crap when it hits and not have road rage…

2.Sleep – be in bed by 10pm love nights a week. Deep breathing to help you fall asleep. Reduce caffeine after mid day to help it release from the system. Hot bath before bed to help relax and calm you. Dark bedroom, black out blinds if the street lights bother you, no electrical appliances on standby – TV for example, move the mobile away from the bed, something as simple as the electro magnetic field can disturb sleep patterns.

3. Take a good quality Zinc supplement.

4.Reduce alcohol levels, so if you love a glass or two of red wine after work, try reducing the amount by drinking from smaller glasses, or help detox your liver by taking green supplements like a quality greens drink every day.

Love Handles

Fat stored on the love handles can mean your body is struggling with Insulin levels.

1. Good quality Fish Oil supplement. Watch out for cheap fish oil, the oil is sometimes rancid, and won’t be effective, it will just leave you with fish burps, not nice!

2. Eat good fats like avocado, coconut oil, almonds.

3. Training? Eat carbs after you train. Eating starch with the last meal of the day, and protein with each meal. Reduce the amount of starch though, like rice and potatoes, don’t get rid of them completely, just add an extra spoon of been veg like peas, spinach, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage. Roasted Veg taste lush, as does par boiled veg, drained, kept in the pan with a knob of butter , salt and pepper and coated with the butter. Yumski…


So there you go…start with the foundations, get your body working for you, not against you and watch the fat begin to melt away. This doesn’t mean you will have remarkable toned arms as training does come into this, but as the say, you can’t out train a bad diet..

Start with your fuel, lets talk training next time.

Mel Collie

To book an assessment for posture and whats going on with your body fat, check the websites for details.


Mel Collie | What Should you be doing?

Mel Collie | What Should you be doing?

Yes you should be doing this, or yes you should be doing that, maybe you should be exercising more or maybe you should be eating more, maybe you should be in less pain or maybe you should be having more fun.

Just a simple thing like changing a word can make all the difference.

I love playing with words.

Doing simple things like changing a word can make all the difference to your emotions, your feelings and your actions.

Change the word “should ”

Try “I will” or even “I wont”

In reality there is no should or shouldnt, these are only thoughts that are based on your experiences with others, their experiences have influenced your outcome, your words. Self esteem can be a direct influence from words said to you as a child, bullying, jealousy from other kids in the playground can affect self esteem many many years later, always keeping us from hiding our greatness by thinking about the “shoulds”

Change the words.

I will means you will, I should means that you probably wont, because your decision feels as though someone else owns it, instead of you.

Create your own reality, own it, dont allow someone else from way back when you were a kid to affect your lifestyle

Mel Collie

Need inspiration? Join me on a 3 week Inspire course  1:1 , just you an me,via Skype,  is via application only.

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Mel Collie | How I got to Snowdon summit on Xmas Day

Mel Collie | How I got to Snowdon Summit on Xmas Day

Mel Collie | Snowdon summit

Climbing Snowdon Xmas day

Im a back pain therapist and Pilates instructor, I love to be outside, and recently wanted a challenge , to start a walking regime so I could attempt the 3 peaks challenge in spring of 2015.

It seemed natural to want to travel to Wales at Christmas and walk up Snowdon , which we did, we were also fortunate enough to see snow the following day which came down quite heavily, just adding to the Christmassy scene, but also adding danger to the climb to anyone not prepared for the weather.

My bloke is a mountain guide,  I was fortunate enough to be with someone who has climbed Snowdon many times, as well as Everest and many other mountains on the planet. Listening to his advice over the last 8 months we have been together, I’ve built up my clothing collection to wear on a mountain, the base layers, the socks, the boots, the coat, hats, gloves, layers.

I recently read this:

These posts rung true and I made the connection with these on the list, even though they are discussing climbing mountains in the snow , weather changes really quickly so being prepared ( I was in the Girl Guides you know!) was my aim. Nothing worse than having a great walk outside and it rains so hard to hate being there because you are getting soaked.

1. Get up early and head out early! Im a morning person and work at my best first thing, so that wasnt an issue, I was eager to get going, didn’t want to leave it to the afternoon, especially as it gets dark at 4pm in December!

2. Getting Lost – this wasn’t an issue, I was climbing with someone who knew the route in the dark as well as during the day, he knew the track ahead. Hes also a Winter level 5 guide , I was in good hands.

3.Flawed Kit – we had bought our 4 season Asolo boots a few months ago, they were broken in and ready. Our Bridgedale socks were going to keep those toes warm and cosy. I had never spent so much on a pair of socks before! Icebreaker Merino wool underwear kept me warm, top and tights. Lined Craghopper trousers kept the legs even warmer. Mountain Hard Wear jacket to be super warm. Hat nice and warm and a couple of pairs of gloves incase I dropped a pair, hate having cold hands! Plus a Pretzl headtorch to complete the look :)

4. Enjoy it, dont look at it as a chore to get done and over with, love the view, love the route, the challenges and the people you meet on the way.Love the challenge it gives you and how it changes you as a person. You can do it. You can believe in yourself. You are able, and, if not, you are able to train to achieve your goal. My other half helped create my training programme, he can help you with yours too.

Do something different this year :)


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Mel Collie | Does your lower back hurt?

Mel Collie | Does your lower back hurt?

Its the beginning of January and you just might have been sitting on your bum for a few days over the holidays watching TV and doing not very miuch, then all of a sudden, its back to work and you’ve got to get moving.

Your back might be complaining right now!

Why is that?

the science bit is that your bum muscles, the glutes, are the biggest most powerful muscles in the lower body and they start at the top of the legs and go all the way up to your lower back.

Mel Collie | Glutes

Lower back pain and your bum

Fascially they connect to the Latissimus Dorsi, and the hamstrings as you can see from this picture of these areas and the blue isnt muscle, its Fascia, which is a connective tissue that connects the whole body to each other, theres different areas of fascia like the front line, the back line, the spiral line, the lateral line for example.

When we sit the glutes are on a stretch, this can weaken the area, the next area up from the glutes is the lower back, which can overwork when the glutes arent working, so the lower back isnt necessarily weak, but over tight, overworking, hurting because its doing too much work, the work of the glutes in extending the hip.

This can mean your lower back is overworking even when you are just walking down the street.

How can you help this? A quick and easy way to get the glutes switched on is to stretch the front of the legs, the quadriceps by bending the knee and holding the foot behind you at your bum, so the heel gets as close to your glutes as possible.

Hold for 45  seconds, then change legs and do the same on the other leg, hold the wall of a chair if your balance starts to challenge you.

Then, with both feet on the ground, pummell your glutes, that means hit them lightly with your knuckles, this can wake up the glutes and get them back to doing what they should be doing.

Unsure what to do? Book yourself in for an assessment and this is just one of the tests in the hour we the video to watch a simple test to see if your lower back is overworking.

You can book your assessment and get stronger in your first session on  07800797300 or contact me on the form below the video link



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Mel Collie | The Forgetful Bum

Mel Collie | The Forgetful Bum

Sounds like a title to a good childrens book doesnt it, “The Forgetful Bum”, and in a way, it is just a story, a story about our bodies, a story that we tell ourselves about pain and movement,  but it can have a happy ending, this is chapter one…

Our bum muscles are called Glutes, they are the biggest and most powerful muscle in the lower part of the body, they push your forwards to help you walk, pretty important muscles!

However, we dont look after them, because we sit on them, a lot…

….its part of life, computers, phones, TV, cars, travel, we are in a world of sitting, and where our glutes are in the body means that when we do sit, our Glutes are stretched, this stretching weakens them unless we do something about it because a weakened muscle means it loses power, and other muscles will take over and do the work of the Glutes instead, we might find that our lower back in particular become painful as they then take over, issues like sciatica can come from weak Glutes (also known as Gluteal amnesia)

We dont move like we did as kids, we do less, run less, walk less, jump about less, climb less, we are more careful and smile and laugh a lot less too…

When our brains pick up on this reduced activity, it notices it, its not stupid, and adapts accordingly, it forgets certain movements we did but no longer do, it kind of has a list, and crosses the movements we dont do off the list.

Remember in the good old days when bed rest was the thing for back pain? muscles would become weakened and used to doing nothing very much, now we are advised to keep moving. However, when we have had pain we create a fear of movement in our brains incase we hurt again..and so it repeats..

Disuse however creates many problems, then we expect our bodies to keep on working, but pain is remembered in the brain and will remind you, even after the injury has healed.

One way of switching back on those forgetful Glutes is to begin by stretching the front of your thighs (these muscles are called the Quads because theres 4 of them in the group) by bending the knee and holding the ankle or heel close to your bum. Hold for 20 – 30 seconds, dont hold your breath :), you can do this lying down on your front too.

Then pummell your Glutes, hit them with soft fists, for about 10 – 15 seconds.

This can wake them up..because when we sit, not only do the glutes stretch, but the opposite muscles on the front of the legs become shorter and tighter in the sitting position, stretching them helps the glutes switch back on.

You can do as many Glute strength exercises like squats/lunges/shoulder bridges as you like, to help your Glutes work, but of they have amnesia, they wont be doing the work at all…thats why switching them on first is important…a light bulb doesnt work unless you flick the switch..

The other way is to use your brain to get the Glutes switched on, and thats the topic of my next blog post, a very fast and easy way to get the Glutes and other muscles too switched on, this will be a video for you to follow, three times a day, easy peasy.



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Mel Collie | Injury prevention

Mel Collie | Injury prevention

We all love to be active from walking in the park to climbing a mountain!

I climbed Snowdon on Christmas Day, wow that was an achievement for me, up early, left the car park at Pen -Y-Pas at 7.30am and walked off up the Miners track.

Now Im a morning person, my energy levels lower when evening hits, so morning is better for me to exercise, even thought it was dark, we used the light from our head torches to guide us until the sunrise.

The weather was windy but dry, at the top though, it was even windier with cloud preventing a view and about – 2, with the wind chill though it was feeling about – 5 .

My bloke is a professional mountain guide, having scaled the heights of Everest many times and climbed many other mountains in the world, I knew I was in safe hands and wearing the right kit too.

Base layers are my new love, Im loving the range of merino wool tights and long sleeved tops! Totally kitted out, I didnt feel the cold at all, which for my often cold fingers and toes was a bonus!

Mel Collie | Snowdon summit

Climbing Snowdon Xmas day

Anyway, having reached the summit, of course, coming back down was easy…ha! …it was nice to see others climbing up on the way, but you still had to be aware of your footing.

When we take ourselves out of our comfort zones our breathing changes.

We feel fear, worry about the unknown, its only human.

Your breathing is your most common movement pattern, yet we are more concerned with doing sit ups and press ups, squats and planks, which are all very relevant, but your breathing comes first. Just a simple breathing technique can increase your strength, rotation and range, in a matter of a few seconds.

Which is why I remind my clients in classes and 1: 1 sessions.

Our life is bombarded with stress –  from finances, nutritional stress, work deadlines, what others expect from us, and when we overload on these issues, our breathing becomes shallow, and more from the upper chest than the diaphragm. This can create tightness in shoulders and the neck.

Simple 1 minute x 10 times a day, focus on breathing into the belly and lower rib cage.

I also assess which side is tighter on clients, and breathe into the tighter side, which can release the opposing shoulder, all great for a full range of arm movement in whatever you are doing – reaching for a tin in the kitchen cupboard, hanging out washing, reaching for a box of cereal from the supermarket shelf, getting dressed, using reaches and range in sport like tennis, climbing, bouldering, rowing, swimming, surfing.

Try the breathing exercise, include it in your injury prevention strategy, costs nothing, and takes seconds.



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Injury Prevention sessions : 07800797300






Mel Collie | My Top Diet Tip

Mel Collie | My Top Diet Tip


 Have you seen the date? Its not only nearly Christmas, its not that long to New Years Eve and those New Years Resolutions.

Most of us are already aiming to joining a  gym or workout more in Januarys after eating all those goodies over the holidays. Those “New Year New You” adverts will start to come out, though whatever would inspire you not to be you in the first place is beyond understanding, because you are you, and thats unique, how lovely is that?  Anyway…

With that in mind , this is my nos 1 top Diet tip, that I use all the time since I started teaching Bootcamps a couple of years ago, studied meditation, studied nutrition, studied neuroscience, read all the books I could get my hands on that covered all those things as if I was trying to find the answer .

Theres so many diet types out there, so many people telling us to eat this, eat that, dont drink that, dont eat that, take this supplement, dont do that exercise, dont meditate, do meditate, etc etc…makes you stop and change all the time, your inner self has no idea whats going on and is very confused, so gives up and tells you its digging its heels in until you stop messing about and do something it can understand.

This is it…are you ready…drum roll…

1. Be Happy .

Thats it

Did you groan then and look up to the heavens?

Good :)

So , imagine a person who goes to the gym in January, trains hard, works hard, feels pulled from all directions, hates working out, stands at the back of the class because they dont feel they fit in with the “clicky” crew at the front of the class, feels awkward in the gym, doesnt really know what to do but beats themselves up

the joy you feel moving towards your potential

Joy experience in ups and down.

when the crap happens

when the sleep doesnt come

when the cravings happen

when the dips stay

its all growth

Happiness isnt all red roses and smiles and rainbows.

The crap is all a part of your path.

Embrace it, step back and see it for what it is.




Mel Collie | 3 ways to cope with stress levels this Christmas

Mel Collie | 3 ways to cope with stress levels this Christmas

The words stress and Christmas are hard to write in the same sentence, unless is “stress free”  or  “reduce stress”. You know deep down that Christmas is supposed to be joyful time of celebration and remembering friends and family, helping others, yet each year we place an unmanageable amount of stress on ourselves… why is that and how can we help ourselves reduce or at least cope with it?

Heres my 3 ways, I hope at least one of them helps you out this year.

1. Stress is ultimately a reaction to our thoughts, that means we have thoughts that arent in line with what we want or who we are deep down. Our anxieties about what others expect from us are from our thoughts . We are worried about not having enough food on the table, the right food that looks and tastes good, worried about not spending enough on presents, worried about not being a Scrooge, worried about appearances, being judged for our decisions, worried about money. We are all the same with our worries and concerns.  Recognising that its our own thoughts we have from beliefs we have from our upbringing or from peers that create such stresses. Step back and look at what it is you are anxious about this Christmas. Is it the same as last year? How did that go? Did you hate every minute of it? Is that true? Is it really true? How would this year be different without that thought. Without those thoughts of “It wont be good enough, I dont have enough, I cant do enough, they will not like me, they will judge me, I have to buy this or they wont speak to me again.”

How do you know thats all true? Really, do you know it to be true?

Where would you be without all those words in your mind?

Now for he hard bit … turn it all around…maybe YOU wont like you if you don’t do all that stuff, maybe you will feel like you have let yourself down, maybe you are doing all of this because its the way you believe it should be, maybe its not “them” who create your worry, maybe its YOU beliefs and values you hold so dear that are stressing you. Take a few moments to look inside your mind and your beliefs and values.

Are YOU important to you?

2. A great calming influence is a nice cup of tea..but wait a sec, not just a cup of Typhoo….I mean a hormonal calming tea, one that really does do what it says on the tin. Tulsi Tea is made from a plant in India called Holy Basil. So if you want some holy stuff around you this Christmas, drink some Holy Basil. It calms your innermost critic. Helps you calm and reduce Cortisol, so drink it from about 12.00 – 8pm when Cortisol should naturally be dropping, but our “modern” lifestyle of lights on when dark and working late, means it stays unnaturally high. Help your body help your demands of it.

Heres some more information on the benefits of Tulsi:

3. Rhodiola – yes, another herb! I’m such a hippy! I am one of those “must get on with it” people, always rusching about and doing something, but to my own personal detriment, and especially my healths. Many times I’ve been run down, especially when I worked in London, working from 6am to 9 pm most days. When I left the “rat race” to live somewhere beautiful, away from concrete blocks of flats and loads of shops (Croydon – though the parks are lovely!) I ended up in Cornwall, originally hailing from Brighton, I love being by the sea, I feel less claustrophobic having all that open space of just looking out and seeing sea, not seeing houses.

But, you get used to life around you (in other words, you bring the same stresses with you because they are in your own head)  and it wasnt long that I was doing more stuff and stressing about a mortgage and a house and starting up a business teaching Pilates. When I went on a course to study the Endocrine System, Nutrition and Fitness, I practiced what I was preaching and changed my diet of white bread, pasta and cheese to a diet of eggs, greens, chicken, stir frys, water (I didnt drink any, now it 2 – 3 litres a day) herbal teas instead of coffee  (Tulsi Tea of course!) and a supplement called Rhodiola. In a bottle with a pipette, dropping a few of this herb solution into water in the morning, and I was calm and could cope with the day. Its a bit like Tulsi Tea I suppose. It helps your mood, helps cope with depression, alleviates mental fatigue. Your health food shop will sell it.


There you go, just 3 little miracle workers for you. But theres one more thats totally free,and you do it everyday, and that is sleep, good quality sleep. Your natural clock wants to slow down and rest when it gets dark, and wake up when it gets light, its all it knows. The same runs true for plants and flowers, animals and funghi.

Our life now tells us to be awake longer and sleep less, with more electrical stuff in our rooms like a TV and mobile, affecting sleep, we have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep.

Heres a few tips to help you as they helped me, i was rubbish at falling asleep, took me at least an hour to get to sleep, no matter what time I went to bed , regularly waking during the night.

1. Sleep in the darkest room you can – get a blackout blind if there is a street light outside annoying you. Turn off the TV from the wall. Turn the digital clock around so the glow isn’t affecting you.

2. Move the Mobile. Put your phone outside you room or turn it off. If you use it for an alarm you will still hear it if its outside your bedroom door. If thats not possible, buy a proper alarm clock and turn off your mobile, its radiation waves affect your sleep patterns.

3. Don’t drink caffeine after 12.00, it stays in your body for a very long time, affecting your sleep rhythm and your bodies natural ability to heal itself. Get on the Tulsi Tea!

4. Unwind, or are you thinking that checking facebook or emals before you sleep will help you relax? You really arent missing anything, so dont check your messages after 9.30pm, the light from the laptop/mobile will stimulate your brain into thinking its time to wake up. Have a hot bath, light those candles, relax. Kids have a bedtime routine, why dont you?


Its down to you to make this time of year one that you will enjoy, its no one elses responsibility, they are way to busy rushing around the shops to think about you, be awrae of that if you worry about what others will think of you, what they think of you is truly none of your business, in a warm and kind way, that means, that its none of your business because they have their own worries, the same as yours, and if they do judge you, it will be for a fleeting moment, not for the whole day or longer. their judgements are outward reflections of their inward troubles.  When I watch a programme like Jeremy Kyle, for example, I see a complaining person who inside, doesnt like themselves, not the other person they are shouting at, but who hasnt seen themselves for the beautiful person they really are, I see a confused person.

A person who you think judges you, has their own problems to deal with being kind to themselves. A person who I think is judging me, I feel sorry for, because they are not liking themselves very much, you never get attacked by a person who is more successful than you.  I no longer worry about what they think of me, I used to, used to be a people pleaser, always worries about what others thought of me, tried to be liked by everyone, but thats not going to always be the case. Look after yourself first. Always. Fit your own oxygen mask before fitting others.

Be healthy and enjoy looking after yourself, its not a selfish act, well, it is in a way, but , no one else cares about your health, well-being and future days on the planet than your own self. So, believe in yourself, take one small step towards loving yourself from within, because when you do, you are then going to be there 100% for others who you wolld love to help out and then share your story on how you combat stress this Christmas, and well into the new year too.

Your wellbeing is for life, not just for Christmas.