Mel Collie | Back Pain isn’t all it seems

Mel Collie | Back Pain isnt all it seems


How common is back pain, have you had back pain or know someone who does?

How many times are we told to stretch this or strengthen that, maybe the back muscles are tight or weak, so we tighten up more and dont move it or we stretch certain muscles to hopefully allow those tight muscles to let go…is all back pain like this? Do we look at back pain with a “one size fits all” approach?

Lets look at it a different way.

Lets talk stress, worry, anxiety, fear, guilt…how common are those feelings as we get older, as we get more responsibilities like mortgages, rent, bills, kids, food shopping, work, assignments, doing things we dont really want to do, doing things we “should” be doing, following trends we “should be following, keeping appointments we said we would that we don’t really want to, keeping deadlines, drinking coffee to stay awake and keep up …etc etc

Maybe you dont even realise you are doing some of these things, you do them subconsciously, they become routine, we go on auto pilot .

When we go through these feelings, we tend to take shallow breaths, we inhibit the diaphragm and favour the use of the smaller shoulders and neck muscles to breath, and its not their job.

All of this can go on for many days, weeks, months, years, and we take 20 – 25,000 breaths a day, so you can see how this can add up, increasing pain in the neck and shoulders and lower back, because we arent using the right muscles to breath

Wow…thats a lot of movements for your neck and shoulders, no wonder they get tight/facilitated & your back gets inhibited/weak.

There is a simple and easy way to help your back pain reduce, your stress reduce, increase oxygen in your blood, increase wellness and reduce pain. Simply focus on your breathing pattern a couple of times a day.



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