mel collie| are you surrounded by idiots?

mel collie| are you surrounded by idiots?

I dont man that title of this blog post to be rude, you may take offence to it, if you do take offence though,  do you also take offence to people around you who tell you that you are stupid, shouldnt be doing that, why arent you doing this, shouldnt you be wearing that, why are you wearing that at your age, im sure you should be slowing down at your time in life, shouldnt you be eating that?

Advice…is it advice? …can be debilitating, overwhelming…negative..

When you listen to others opinions, even if they think they are well meaning, well, they can stop you in your tracks and doubt yourself from taking the next step forward.

Surround yourself with positivity, positive places, people, food, stuff that makes you happy, not stuff that makes someone else happy.

When you start to do that, your life falls into place.piece by piece, like a jigsaw.

When I sold my house earlier this year, I had my doubt and fears, loosing the security of it, but its all a story I believed from listening to how we should be living our lives as we grow older. Its all a story.

I’m still here, living, enjoying life, with a lot less stress. (no more B & Q on Sundays! yay!)

I’m now training for the 3 Peaks challenge in 2015.

Walking up Snowdon, Scafell Pike & Ben  Nevis in no more than 24 hours.

Knowing that this has been done many times before comes as no surprise but knowing others have done it in 12 hours, is daunting, makes you think ..well..I might fail, I might not do it in 24 hours, what if I dont, what will people think of me, what if..

..all those thoughts stop you in your tracks..stop you ..from being you.  And when you see they are just thoughts, that arent true, because you dont know the end result, until you try it…

Who would I be without those negative thoughts? Id be walking up those peaks and I would be training every day, without fail, and looking forward to the next trekking challenge

Who would you be without your negative thoughts? What if…?



Balance Confidence is a new course starting in Portreath, Cornwall on Monday night at 7.30 . Using your eyes and head movement to strengthen your balance, posture, leg strength, core and breathing, it certainly helped me stay on my feet as I walk 6 – 10 miles a day up and down the cliff paths . Contact me for more info: 07800797300 or just book in.

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