mel collie | injury prevention

Mel Collie | Injury prevention

Mel Collie | Injury prevention

We all love to be active from walking in the park to climbing a mountain!

I climbed Snowdon on Christmas Day, wow that was an achievement for me, up early, left the car park at Pen -Y-Pas at 7.30am and walked off up the Miners track.

Now Im a morning person, my energy levels lower when evening hits, so morning is better for me to exercise, even thought it was dark, we used the light from our head torches to guide us until the sunrise.

The weather was windy but dry, at the top though, it was even windier with cloud preventing a view and about – 2, with the wind chill though it was feeling about – 5 .

My bloke is a professional mountain guide, having scaled the heights of Everest many times and climbed many other mountains in the world, I knew I was in safe hands and wearing the right kit too.

Base layers are my new love, Im loving the range of merino wool tights and long sleeved tops! Totally kitted out, I didnt feel the cold at all, which for my often cold fingers and toes was a bonus!

Mel Collie | Snowdon summit
Climbing Snowdon Xmas day

Anyway, having reached the summit, of course, coming back down was easy…ha! …it was nice to see others climbing up on the way, but you still had to be aware of your footing.

When we take ourselves out of our comfort zones our breathing changes.

We feel fear, worry about the unknown, its only human.

Your breathing is your most common movement pattern, yet we are more concerned with doing sit ups and press ups, squats and planks, which are all very relevant, but your breathing comes first. Just a simple breathing technique can increase your strength, rotation and range, in a matter of a few seconds.

Which is why I remind my clients in classes and 1: 1 sessions.

Our life is bombarded with stress Р from finances, nutritional stress, work deadlines, what others expect from us, and when we overload on these issues, our breathing becomes shallow, and more from the upper chest than the diaphragm. This can create tightness in shoulders and the neck.

Simple 1 minute x 10 times a day, focus on breathing into the belly and lower rib cage.

I also assess which side is tighter on clients, and breathe into the tighter side, which can release the opposing shoulder, all great for a full range of arm movement in whatever you are doing – reaching for a tin in the kitchen cupboard, hanging out washing, reaching for a box of cereal from the supermarket shelf, getting dressed, using reaches and range in sport like tennis, climbing, bouldering, rowing, swimming, surfing.

Try the breathing exercise, include it in your injury prevention strategy, costs nothing, and takes seconds.



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