Mel Collie | Does your lower back hurt?

Mel Collie | Does your lower back hurt?

Its the beginning of January and you just might have been sitting on your bum for a few days over the holidays watching TV and doing not very miuch, then all of a sudden, its back to work and you’ve got to get moving.

Your back might be complaining right now!

Why is that?

the science bit is that your bum muscles, the glutes, are the biggest most powerful muscles in the lower body and they start at the top of the legs and go all the way up to your lower back.

Mel Collie | Glutes
Lower back pain and your bum

Fascially they connect to the Latissimus Dorsi, and the hamstrings as you can see from this picture of these areas and the blue isnt muscle, its Fascia, which is a connective tissue that connects the whole body to each other, theres different areas of fascia like the front line, the back line, the spiral line, the lateral line for example.

When we sit the glutes are on a stretch, this can weaken the area, the next area up from the glutes is the lower back, which can overwork when the glutes arent working, so the lower back isnt necessarily weak, but over tight, overworking, hurting because its doing too much work, the work of the glutes in extending the hip.

This can mean your lower back is overworking even when you are just walking down the street.

How can you help this? A quick and easy way to get the glutes switched on is to stretch the front of the legs, the quadriceps by bending the knee and holding the foot behind you at your bum, so the heel gets as close to your glutes as possible.

Hold for 45  seconds, then change legs and do the same on the other leg, hold the wall of a chair if your balance starts to challenge you.

Then, with both feet on the ground, pummell your glutes, that means hit them lightly with your knuckles, this can wake up the glutes and get them back to doing what they should be doing.

Unsure what to do? Book yourself in for an assessment and this is just one of the tests in the hour we the video to watch a simple test to see if your lower back is overworking.

You can book your assessment and get stronger in your first session on  07800797300 or contact me on the form below the video link



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