Mel Collie | What Should you be doing?

Mel Collie | What Should you be doing?

Yes you should be doing this, or yes you should be doing that, maybe you should be exercising more or maybe you should be eating more, maybe you should be in less pain or maybe you should be having more fun.

Just a simple thing like changing a word can make all the difference.

I love playing with words.

Doing simple things like changing a word can make all the difference to your emotions, your feelings and your actions.

Change the word “should ”

Try “I will” or even “I wont”

In reality there is no should or shouldnt, these are only thoughts that are based on your experiences with others, their experiences have influenced your outcome, your words. Self esteem can be a direct influence from words said to you as a child, bullying, jealousy from other kids in the playground can affect self esteem many many years later, always keeping us from hiding our greatness by thinking about the “shoulds”

Change the words.

I will means you will, I should means that you probably wont, because your decision feels as though someone else owns it, instead of you.

Create your own reality, own it, dont allow someone else from way back when you were a kid to affect your lifestyle

Mel Collie

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