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Mel Collie | Posture, Back Pain, Your Brain

I saw a couple of clients at the weekend for posture assessments, and one of them sits all the time, drives a lot, uses the laptop a lot, but her posture was pretty good.

Why was that?
We are constantly bombarded with information that sitting is bad for you, and well, it is, but you can change your seated posture as much as you like as sitting perfectly straight is not what you want to do, but move and fidget as much as you can.

Her posture was pretty good because she meditates…

Her most constant repeated muscular contraction was with her diaphragm, as is the same with all of us.

Breathing is your most repeated “movement”. 25,000 times a day ( or there abouts)

With a focus every now and then on your respiration during each day, help the mind and body.

Start with just acknowledging the breath, so you can hear it, feel it, dont try to control it, you might find that its quite fast and shallow, by and by your breathing will slow a little more, it will settle.

Mechanically, you are breathing into the lower belly, as if you had swallowed a balloon and each breath , each inhalation was inflating the balloon, and each exhalation was deflating it.

That means it uses the diaphragm and the whole core to breath, the sides and the back.

This allows the mind to calm, the thoughts to settle instead of racing around.
It allows the shoulders to settle, to relax.
Many of us think our shoulders relax when we tell them to or arent sure how to relax shoulders.

Simple breathing helps them let go. It allows us to stop using those smaller shoulder and neck muscles for breathing, and instead use the body as intended.

Breathing into the lower belly can help strengthen to core, the back, let go of tight back muscles, release tight shoulders, help digestion, help calm the mind so a great habit to introduce before bed if you have trouble calming the mind before sleeping.

You dont have to meditate to watch the breath, you can do this at any time, for me, I like to watch my breathing when Im feeling scared, judgemental , think I cant do something, that I will be rubbish at something, Its when I hear that negative voice in my head, thats when my breathing really helps me.

Sounds a bit cuckoo? To some it does, maybe its because they have never tried it, or are scared by the realisation that they can be powerful beyond measure, and a way to get there is to know yourself first, know when you are lying to yourself.

And we do that all the time – too tired, too busy, too stupid, not ready, not enough money, not enough knowledge, etc the excuses we tell ourselves are lies we believe from past conditioning.

These can all change your posture, more so than just sitting at a laptop.

Your beliefs change your posture.

Anxious fearful people can have a stooped posture, always thinking about the next thing, worrying about what others think or that they aren’t good enough, posture can close in, being protecting.

Posture tells a story of our beliefs.
What do you believe?
How are you telling others your story through your posture?
Mel Collie

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