Mel Collie | Stick Your Neck Out

Mel Collie | Stick Your Neck Out

Since moving to Wales, my hair has grown so fast, it needed cutting, the fringe was really driving me crazy, getting in the way, and when my hair gets too long, it bunches out at the sides, hate that look…

Anyway, besides the fact that the heaves opened on may way back from the hairdressers, so I walked home in a massive hailstorm, it was a lesson for me about me neck.

Reminded me about this little video, a simple way someone taught me on how to prevent neck pain, as when you are in the hairdressers, you move our head this way and that, but then keep it still for a moment , as you sit there patiently, trying not to fidget like a little kid

Here is the link, have a watch, only takes up 2 minutes of your time, and best done at the laptop or mobile, as your head is in a weird position right now as well.

Mel Collie

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