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Mel Collie | Do you tell your kids to stop being a fidget?

Mel Collie | Do you tell your kids to stop being a fidget?

Im sure you’ve lost count how many time you were told to sit still as a kid, do you now say it to your kids ? Maybe your nieces or nephews too?

Ok, stop it now…

Break the habit and the old belief that kids should not fidget, they will spend many years sitting at a computer, just like you are now, don’t steal their mobility just yet.

As for you, move as much as you can during the day, especially when you are at that desk, stand up, walk about,jump about, swing your arms about your body, tap your joints all over, jiggle your booty, rub your feet, shake your hands as if you have water on them, move your fingers around in circles. Move the computer position, dont sit feet up on the sofa with the laptop every night as you watch the tv – move positions often if you do this certain kind of sofa training 🙂

Make proper use of Microsoft outlook if you have it, or post it notes, and create a reminder service on your laptop to remind you to get up and move every 30 minutes, its going to do you no harm at all.

Be a fidget, and enjoy it, its what your body loves the most.


Mel Collie | Do you Really have One Leg Shorter?

Mel Collie | Do you Really have One leg Shorter?…

Most people do have one leg shorter than the other…true story! And standing on one leg will tell you why that is. Well, one of the reasons..
Its called the Trendelburg ( Described by german surgeon Friedrich Trendelenburg in 1895) sign,  heres a picture for all you visionary learners.

Try it –  lift your left leg, does your pelvis shifts out towards the right side, so your right hip pushes out, you would find it tricky to keep a straight leg.
The opposite on the other leg too, so try it by standing on your left leg and lifting the right one.
This means that when you lift that left leg, for example, and your hips sway out on the right, your glutes arent helping you stay in a neutral pelvic position. They are a little bit weaker on that side.
This will be noticeable when you walk.
Now, when walking,  you push the body forward in walking pattern,from the ball of the back foot the knee and hip flex as the leg comes through, the pelvis is supported, but when it isnt because the glutes and TFL are weak and the flexion in the hip isnt as it should be, your pelvis shifts and drops.
Because everything affects everything, your upper body will also shift across too, affecting shoulders and head, ribs and breathing.
Try this simple 1 leg balance test, what happens to your pelvis?


Mel Collie | Can You Lose Belly Fat By NOT Exercising?

Mel Collie | Can You Lose Belly Fat By NOT Exercising?

Well, yes and no…but..if the YES answer is the one that YOU want to hear, then get these 2 tips into your life right now:

1.Reduce your caffeine intake – thats tea as well as coffee, but also diet drinks containing caffeine too. Why? Well caffeine can increase a hormone called cortisol, which isn’t a bad hormone, we do need cortisol, but when it remains high due to caffeine intake plus stress (which can range from getting the kids to school on time to opening a gas bill to your boss giving you a deadline for a report at work, to being dehydrated) So a mix of multitasking (stop it now…) and caffeine can increase your cortisol production which can stay in your body for up to 18 hours. You might also find that any joint inflammation or pain you have will reduce as well, as caffeine can increase inflammation, worth a try if you suffer from arthritis (for example) This could be because of the chemicals in the coffee (especially ground roasted type) so if you LOVE your coffee, choose an very good brand of organic coffee bean that you ground and filter yourself. The same for tea, choose an organic leaf, as for diet drinks, theres no organic alternative, because its just aspartame and caffeine, so swap those for water or start your herbal tea addiction. I started with peppermint tea, discovered I hated fruit teas, but loved mint teas, tulsi tea, some of the clipper teas (sleepytime is lovely) and green tea

2. Sleep. Increase the quality of your sleep and your belly fat will react in a good way. Sleep is the number 12 factor in reducing your belly fat, improving your hormonal balance and reducing carb cravings the following day. Get to be by 10.30 about 5 times a week, you can do all 7 days if you want to. So lights out by 10.30, but get off the laptop/mobile an hour beforehand, take some Magnesium tablets, ensure your bedroom is really dark (blackout blinds are great if you live near street lights) turn the digital clock around to face the wall (the glow can disrupt sleep), put the mobile away from the bed or outside the door.Have a cup of Sleepytime tea (clipper) or Valerian tea – a herb that helps you sleep, so dont drink it during the day or if you are about to go for a long drive 😉

3. OK – an extra tip – Breathe deeply 10 times. Sounds easy doesnt it. OK, so as you focus on breathing deeply into your lower belly, keep the focus on the breathing, bring it back as soon as your mind wanders, this is better than counting sheep…it helps to calm the brain down, relaxing you, ready to fall off to zzzzzzzzz land.

Enjoy 🙂

Mel Collie

p.s. if you hate exercise, change the word, as exercise can be a horrible word describing painful things that you might really not like. Try “movement” or “mobility” or “oiling the joints” or “age defying shapes” or “keeping young time”. Move your body more, and use those 3 tips, and see some serious changes for the rest of your life, as this is the only one you will be getting on this spinning rock.

Mel is a Pilates and holistic coach in North Wales helping clients from back, shoulder , knee and ankle pain, posture issues,  fat loss, anxieties and improving sleep 🙂

She only does 1:1 sessions because thats where the magic happens, every session tailor made for your brain & body, not someone elses.



Mel Collie |What do Sudoku & Flexibility have in common

 Mel Collie |What do Sudoku & Flexibility have in common

I have a client who hates Sudoku, to the point where we did a test on his strength and found that it reduced after he had been trying to do one of the puzzles…how did that happen?well, as we chatted about it, it turned out that he was bullied by his maths teacher at school many many years ago, and now any kind of pressure to perform in a maths environment, his brain sees as a threat to his survival, so it has to shut down areas of his body, his strength was one of those areas that was closed down, it affected his respiration which reduced abdominal strength.

Never underestimate what your body can do, your brain is the boss, and if you cant interpret brain talk, then you might not be seeing the results from your training that you are trying so hard to see

When it closes your strength down, its telling you that the nervous system has had enough.
You can test it during every exercise set if necessary.
After each set of press up, chin up, sprints, bench presses, ab curls, side kicks, extensions.

You can use your computer screen as a tool to help your strength, I will show you how in the next email.

Test, assess, dont guess.

Mel Collie