Mel Collie |What do Sudoku & Flexibility have in common

 Mel Collie |What do Sudoku & Flexibility have in common

I have a client who hates Sudoku, to the point where we did a test on his strength and found that it reduced after he had been trying to do one of the puzzles…how did that happen?well, as we chatted about it, it turned out that he was bullied by his maths teacher at school many many years ago, and now any kind of pressure to perform in a maths environment, his brain sees as a threat to his survival, so it has to shut down areas of his body, his strength was one of those areas that was closed down, it affected his respiration which reduced abdominal strength.

Never underestimate what your body can do, your brain is the boss, and if you cant interpret brain talk, then you might not be seeing the results from your training that you are trying so hard to see

When it closes your strength down, its telling you that the nervous system has had enough.
You can test it during every exercise set if necessary.
After each set of press up, chin up, sprints, bench presses, ab curls, side kicks, extensions.

You can use your computer screen as a tool to help your strength, I will show you how in the next email.

Test, assess, dont guess.

Mel Collie

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