Mel Collie | Do you Really have One Leg Shorter?

Mel Collie | Do you Really have One leg Shorter?…

Most people do have one leg shorter than the other…true story! And standing on one leg will tell you why that is. Well, one of the reasons..
Its called the Trendelburg ( Described by german surgeon Friedrich Trendelenburg in 1895) sign,  heres a picture for all you visionary learners.

Try it –  lift your left leg, does your pelvis shifts out towards the right side, so your right hip pushes out, you would find it tricky to keep a straight leg.
The opposite on the other leg too, so try it by standing on your left leg and lifting the right one.
This means that when you lift that left leg, for example, and your hips sway out on the right, your glutes arent helping you stay in a neutral pelvic position. They are a little bit weaker on that side.
This will be noticeable when you walk.
Now, when walking,  you push the body forward in walking pattern,from the ball of the back foot the knee and hip flex as the leg comes through, the pelvis is supported, but when it isnt because the glutes and TFL are weak and the flexion in the hip isnt as it should be, your pelvis shifts and drops.
Because everything affects everything, your upper body will also shift across too, affecting shoulders and head, ribs and breathing.
Try this simple 1 leg balance test, what happens to your pelvis?


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