Mel Collie | Do you tell your kids to stop being a fidget?

Mel Collie | Do you tell your kids to stop being a fidget?

Im sure you’ve lost count how many time you were told to sit still as a kid, do you now say it to your kids ? Maybe your nieces or nephews too?

Ok, stop it now…

Break the habit and the old belief that kids should not fidget, they will spend many years sitting at a computer, just like you are now, don’t steal their mobility just yet.

As for you, move as much as you can during the day, especially when you are at that desk, stand up, walk about,jump about, swing your arms about your body, tap your joints all over, jiggle your booty, rub your feet, shake your hands as if you have water on them, move your fingers around in circles. Move the computer position, dont sit feet up on the sofa with the laptop every night as you watch the tv – move positions often if you do this certain kind of sofa training 🙂

Make proper use of Microsoft outlook if you have it, or post it notes, and create a reminder service on your laptop to remind you to get up and move every 30 minutes, its going to do you no harm at all.

Be a fidget, and enjoy it, its what your body loves the most.


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