Mel Collie | Its not a hamstring stretch..but it works…

Mel Collie | Its not a hamstring stretch..but it works…

I hate forward bends, always have. I cant touch my toes, you would think I could really, being a Pilates teacher and all that. However, my mind also works over time, I’m always reading, learning new things, have an inquiring mind, also prone to stress and worry. This affects my muscles, fascia and structure, breathing and worry lines 🙂

So I have to watch it, and have learned to look out for my signals. Now, because Im a busy chick, \i like results, fast, and thats why I love this little magic trick on the fascia, however, breathing slowly and deeply also helps you relax and “stretch” hamstrings, it also helps prevent groin strains too believe it or not (true story!)

Although this isnt a stretch, it does release the tightness in the back of the legs. It works by doing a fascial release technique on the superficial back line which runs from the top of the head down the back, down the legs and under the feet.
You can have tight hamstrings from sitting, being stressed, always on the move, being a runner, having tight hips,shallow breathing and an anxious mind…even something like a low self esteem or lack of confidence can affect tightness in muscle.
I’ve also put this video in my new Corrective Exercise project, you can download Phase I now here from my website. There will be 3 phases, the first phase is all about inner range holds and how to use your vestibular and proprioceptive system to help you have more stamina and strength.I also talk about changing a few things in your diet to help your joints feel a lot less stiff.
Phase II is all about the vision, and more dynamic exercises using a stability ball I also talk about the hierarchy of threats to the brain. Phase III is all about taking all those moves and going a bit further with strength and balance as you progress.

Heres the hamstring video link…remember, it only works if you practice it often.

Happy hamstrings 🙂


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