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Mel Collie | Your Brain Tells a Story Most of us have a mobile, laptop, i-pad or something similar. Not that Im going to give you a lecture on posture, though I do help fix peoples posture and bad backs, I am going to shine some light on using the computer and our past stories. When we are looking at the screen our eyes, narrow, our inner corners of our eyes become stronger, telling our brain that our world is only as wide as the screen. This reduces our movement and range. Our brain believes what our eyes are telling it, it has to, it relies on the messages the eyes send back in order to ensure that you don’t over do a real with your arms or you might hurt your shoulders. Does that make sense? So, your brain creates limitations around what it is used to, and this shows in the way you move and feel. Your joint mobility, flexibility and strength. A child from an unhappy home harbours those memories as they grow up. The brain is like a computer, it doesn’t forget anything that it believes is a threat to your survival. It remembers the “don’t do that” or the “you are too stupid do do that” or the ” you will never be good enough” or the ” keep out of my way”. Without even realising it, as an adult, your responses to people around you will be affected because your brain remembers. It creates the story and plays it over and over. The amygdala is the alarm bell, it holds the stories, as your brain sees it, its recalling them to keep you from doing any damage, from threatening your survival, thats why we can lose strength and feel like curling up when stressed. Your brain is like velcro for bad news, and teflon for good news, its hard wired for suffering. So much so that its how we live our lives, barely seeing the happiness in every moment we have, always looking for the next new shiny object to make us happy, when the happiness can only happen when we look inside of ourselves. So, be more aware when you are next anxious, in pain, feeling depressed. Your brain is uncertain of the future, of whats going to happen next, its searching (its searching Google if you like!) for all the past experiences that it can relate to. Its slowing you down ultimately, so you find it hard to find a solution, stops you from getting out from under the duvet and living life to the full. Nowadays we numb it, through...

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Mel Collie | Esther Rantzen & My MOT

Posted on May 1, 2015

Mel Collie | Esther Rantzen & My MOT My car had to be fixed, or there was no car, no mot no driving. It made me realise that even though life chucks you all the crappy stuff its down to you to react how you choose. You can have a tantrum and throw the toys out the pram, stamp the feet, have a screaming rant, have a few drinks and a whinge. They all raise the blood pressure, increase a hormone called Cortisol which increases belly fat and increases sensitivity to pain, so joint pain, back pain can also increase at times of stress, worry, anxiety. Many years ago, stress was the thing that kept us alive, running from the lions and tigers, hunting them down for something to eat. These days its the opposite and is slowly making us sick and tired. Stress can come from the memories we harbour and relive, opening a gas bill, from a demanding job or heavy training regime, lack of sleep, dehydration, a poor diet, constant negative thoughts, poor posture. (and many more!) Stress is a big buzz word these days. Its easy for me to say “step back and see it for what it is, accept it, realise and release it” but all of that can take time, some people never release worries and fears, old beliefs, because they don’t realise how stuck they are, or that their beliefs are the very things holding them back. My “realisation” or little spiritualisation/break down happened a few years ago when a relationship broke down and I was heartbroken enough to have a long weekend away in a silent meditation retreat, it was pure heaven, loved every minute…after spending the whole of the first morning in tears. (silent ones…) I learned the value of silence, breathing, relaxation and looking after myself, so I could be there for others, but, above all, I could be strong enough for me. One thing you can do right now that won’t cost you a thing (don’t panic, we aren’t going to meditate, though we will talk about that in another email ) is this(you are pretty switched on so maybe you’ve done this already) Start a diary, or , in the one you already use, write 3 things you are happy about, 3 things you have around you that you are grateful for. My 3 would be..happy I had the ways and means to pay for the MOT, happy that the guy who did the MOT has a bad back and will now be a client of mine ( I help people with back pain too..) Im happy...

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