Mel Collie | Posture and your extensors

Mel Collie | Posture and your extensors

Posture is affected by stress, sitting, sports, nutrition, thoughts, depression…so many things..and how you can help correct it can be a long process if you are looking at an exercise program. This, however, doesn’t replace exercise, thats still very important as we are creatures of habit and sitting is one of those, we sit more than we exercise, and the extensor muscles that keep you upright get weaker in tone and fail to help keep our bodies upright with good posture, affecting breathing, digestion shoulders, abdominals, legs and feet…

How you can switch on the weaker side of your body by simply doing a balance challenge test and using your proprioceptive system?

Put one foot in front of the other, feet in line, perfectly, stand tall, arms out like frankenstein, be safe in your balance and eyes focus on a point in front of you.

Close eyes, and where do you notice you are swaying too…this is the weaker side in your inner ear possibly

So..this is what you do next…Happy practicing and enjoy your results

Mel Collie


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