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Think you need more willpower?
Turns out you don’t.
Its very limited, yet we tell ourselves – if only I had more willpower…
Then we feel a failure if we fall off the wagon when we are trying to change something about our lifestyle

So all of this information in these emails are to assist you in finding skills to help you change something you aren’t happy with right now.

No ones perfect, even those who proclaim a perfect life on faceboook aren’t perfect.:)

We feel guilty when we don’t keep to a diet, exercise plan, we berate ourselves.

With nothing to do with willpower but everything to do with skills heres some skills you know already, buy help to change a few habits:

Put your fork down between bites at meal times.
Read the labels of the food you choose to buy
Eat with no distractions- it leaves you feeling unsatisfied and affects digestion.

This 3 simple skills can change a lot of things for your digestive system.
We can be on a healthy diet, but still be stressed and anxious, which crates a build up of Cortisol, so when you eat with less stress and worry, it helps your hormonal cascade be as it should.

So next time you feel like reaching for a diet book or start a healthy eating plan, try changing some skills first then ask yourself better questions, like these…

How confident are you , on a scale of 1 – 10, that you can stick to the plan?
Whatever your answer was…ask yourself – What makes you a ……(insert number you had from the first question) and not a 0

This helps takes you away from being a victim, of seeing any diet in the past you haven’t stuck too or any change in your life that you haven’t wanted to stick to, it changes it from looking like a character flaw, you give yourself permission to be kind to yourself., into believing that it wasn’t a 365 days a year problem.

We believe it stays with us, berating ourselves constantly.

New habits can come about and be maintained by empowering yourself with knowledge, skills and kindness.

Much nicer than restriction, a telling off and hating yourself. Doesn’t get us anywhere, except running around in circles…but you had to run those circles to know that at some point you chose to have enough and seek a change, those circles, in a strange way, are lessons.

Mel Collie

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