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Mel Collie | Hurt Your Back?

Mel Collie | Hurt Your Back?

Sometimes, doing the most simple thing like bending down to pick up a pen from the floor, can do your back in..

Why is that?

Well, its not the task that did it, its whats going on in your nervous system, all the build up, past injuries, lack of movement, lack of supporting gut health in the form of nutrients and hydration, reduced eyesight(spending more time on Facebook/emails/Twitter/websites/editing) reduced balance, reduced input from the world around us.

In a nutshell, your brain only asks one thing – can I survive this?

If it thinks you cannot, it will send you enough pain to ensure you don’t over reach/bend/play

You feel pain, you slow down, thats just what your nervous system wants, it doesn’t care you have work to do, a job to complete , a marathon to run, dinner to cook, a house to clean.

It just goes by the feedback you are giving it.

If thats crappy(just like a GPS, functioning as a GPS, your brain locates you in space utilising vision, vestibular,proprioception like 3 satellite signals), then your responses will be too.

You can’t have it have to do some work to keep a healthy foundation, and thats down to you, no one else.

Heres some help though. Poor function in one of more of those satellite signals results in  malfunction.Its hard to find your way when the satellite signal isn’t working..

Pain is a signal for danger – an action that makes the central nervous system feel threatened, pain does not always = injury.

Anyhooo..heres some little tips for you

  1. The most repetitive thing your body will do today is breathe. Get that wrong and the whole cascade of satellite breakdown emergency signals will begin. Pain is the end result. You are reading this, so you are alive, that means you are breathing, however, your body, a master of compensation, will get energy from anywhere at your own expense. This means that if you aren’t taking in enough oxygen, your brain will have to ensure that in order to survive, you will have to therefore have a less efficient outcome – less mobility, flexibility, strength, energy. You aren’t giving it the fuel it needs, it has to respond.
  2. Your eyes aren’t getting any better are they? When was the last time you took a day off Facebook and looked at the world around you instead? Allowing a focus away from the screen, every day for a few minutes every half hour, allows your eyes to send better signals back to your brain. A reduced signal means a  reduced output via pain, less movement, less range and reach, pain when your brain think you are reaching too far or bending in a way that means it hasn’t got the support to allow you to do that, it has to stop you, how can it do that? Pain signals.
  3. It may not sound very nice, but pain is a way of your brain telling you that it needs some help from you, some input please, some support. Simple breathing deep into the lower belly 10 times  (repeat 5 times a day) helps enormously, your brain loves to feel that. Give it the fuel it needs and it will respond, much like a car. That goes for nutrition and hydration too. Lack of nutrients means a weakened gut , your gut is at the area of your lower back..makes sense? More green veggies, less gluten, more water, less caffeine, more fruit, less fake sugar.

You’ve only got one spine.

Look after it.



That was a lot of helpful tips there, needs some accountability?

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Mel Collie | Pain and your personal drug cabinet

Mel Collie | Pain and your personal drug cabinet


Many of us take tablets to help cope with pain.

Many of those prescribed drugs are ototoxic, which will mean that your inner ear, your vestibular system gets affected.

Once your vestibular system has issues, your back can feel painful as can your neck and shoulders, as the body is trying to keep you balanced, in homeostasis, which means at its optimum level. In balance.

Now, different things increase and decrease pain, above and beyond taking pills.

Simple things like knowing you are supported and cared for by family and friends, helps the brain secrete happy hormones.

Do you feel like that?

How do you feel when someone gives you a big hug?

Carry that with you 🙂

Mel Collie


Mel Collie | Why bother with balance?

Mel Collie | Why bother with balance?

What happens when you try to improve your balance?
If you’ve been for a neurological screening , you will have practiced a couple of vestibular drills


Well, a challenge to your balance is the 3rd hierarchy of threats to your brain.

That means when its under threat, your brain will slow you down, send pain to your joints and reduce you strength, range and speed.

Your vestibular system is all about the signal your brain receives from your inner ear.

This is also attached to your extensor muscles – glutes especially for example. Most people have weaker glutes, and when that happens, the lower back is usually the one to suffer as it takes over ..and can result in pain in that area.

How exciting is that to know?!

It means the less you move the less you interact with gravity.
Simple things like washing machines, dishwashers, microwaves, means we stand less and move about less. So even washing up and cooking more will help your balance.

Lack of movement adds up over time. Of course it does. We don’t see it like that though, because it so small, it barely registers. A bit like saving a penny once a day, seems like not very much, but it adds up over time.

Our brain knows though.

How can you help this?

The more you move, stand up from sitting, the more your balance will improve.

The trouble is, the less you feel like standing because your feel threatened by lack of balance, and so you get a vicious circle… can start to drive your nervous system more by doing more complex movements like a cross crawl (standing, alternating knee lifts, with the opposite elbow coming forward to touch the opposite knee)

You can make that trickier by walking forwards as you do that move. harder to do it backwards..earn it though, and practice the easier movement first. Don’t always jump in at the deep end first, earn your right to do that 🙂


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