Mel Collie | Does Your Brain Have A Day Off?

Mel Collie | Does Your Brain Have A Day Off?

One of my favourite habits is falling asleep on the sofa, but last night, we watched an awesome move “Snowpiercer” I was all set o nod off until it got nasty, that woke me up, the character played by Tilda Swinton kept me awake, she was seriously a sick woman.

Anyway, this morning I was reading a book by David Butler on the Sensitive Nervous System, and particularly loved the phrase ” Your brain is turned on all the time”…read that again…ALL the time.

Its not something thats activated when you are doing something you find interesting. Cells are always active.

Take this moment right now, as you are reading this, now pay attention to your right hand, what is it touching, what colour are your socks, now pay attention to your left hand, whats it touching, whats the colour of your hair, how warm are you, how thirsty are you, what position are you feet in, how long have they been in that position?

Thats just a few little things that you are doing but don’t always feel, as we have many many inputs, they aren’t always turned on, or we would be bombarded with so many input, but the brain computes all of them, it just decides which ones you are responding to right now.

Your brain is continually looking for information, all the time. One of the phrases you will have heard is to “use it or lose it”. This is always said in the fitness industry referring to your muscles and levels of stamina. However, its also relevant to your brain.

When we have pain, we move less, in anticipation its going to hurt us even more, but in tuen , that ensure we do have more pain as we stiffen up and do less, variety and quality of movement is gold dust for a healthy and switched on brain, whatever age you are.

Loving what you do in your life, and helping others, makes an impact too.

So, to conclude for a healthier body as we age


  1. Move more
  2. Feed your brain with movement, good lung function
  3.  Love what you do for increased wellness and mental agility.

A healthy spine is a young spoke, you are only as old as your feel, use it or lose it..all of those saying mean something.

What one thing could you change today to help your future self, as its what you are doing now that shapes it.

Mel Collie

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