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Mel Collie | I Understand Whats Happening

Mel Collie | I Understand Whats Happening

I love pain – hang on…what sounds odd..what I mean is  I love to learn and understand about the brain and what pain is to the brain, how it interprets it.

Heres 11 fascinating facts that should be on Steve Wrights Factoid on Radio 2:

  1. Your brain makes pain when it concludes your body tissues are in danger
  2. when you are hungry, its your brain creating hunger , not your stomach, theres no hunger sensors or signals, no such thing…your blood may be sending low on sugar/magnesium/zinc/vit C etc messages. Hunger is made by your brain to prompt you to eat
  3. Thirst is the same
  4. Pain is no different
  5. Theres NO pain nerves, sensors or fibres in the body
  6. Sensors detect change, send messages to the brain, which listens and weighs them up in the context of your situation
  7. you can have an injury and have no pain
  8. many people have spinal disc issues and no pain
  9. many people have pain and no injury
  10. a finger injury will hurt more for a pianist than a dancer as it affects their livelihood
  11. the less you understand about your pain/surgical procedures/medical condition the more pain you feel


Fascinating don’t you think?

So, does your level of pain change when

  1. you are doing something you love
  2. you are doing something you hate
  3. where you are
  4. who you are with
  5. the things you hear other say
  6. your level of stress (financial/judgements from others/dehydration/self esteem)


Even more interesting if you went through those and discovered some stuff about how your pain works, changes, feels, affects you day to day, the ups and downs.

So, when your brain perceives, as in it Googles itself, from all your past experiences and interactions (many you would have forgotten) to see if you are in a danger or safe situation.

It only wants to know if you can survive.

Evidence of danger, pain will increase

Evidence of safety, pain reduces.


More to come in my next post. ..we will make a list of some danger and safe words..:)


Mel Collie

Assessments from Llanberis home studio