Mel Collie | Helping with Cake

Mel Collie | Helping with Cake

I met a new person the other day, well, they weren’t totally new, they have been on the planet for a few years, but its only the fourth time I’ve seen them around.

Turns out this person had an accident on their bike, and landed up in hospital, with concussion, neck pain and a bad head.

…had their head glued back by the Dr’s & Nurses

Had a compressed neck, which was causing a neck pain

We invited our friend back to the home treatment room, where I practiced my new NKT skills on them

In about 15 mins I had taught them how to release their tight neck muscles, which were working overtime to stabilise the head, which weighs quite a bit when its only relying on half the muscles, this poor neck extensors were proper tired!

Released those and got the neck flexors working again with some gentle detective pattern work

Re wired the brain using NKT protocol which is really neat stuff

Works fast

It also holds when you do your homework so the brain releases the old pattern it knew

Its like giving a map back to your brain, showing it the path it should be taking, but it got a bit lost by the overpowering tight muscles.

The more you do your homework, the quicker the brain gets that pattern and lets go of its old pattern that wasnt working.

Give someone a map, compass and a torch and they are pretty much set, if you show them how to use it, then thats really cool.

We also gave our friend some cake we had made too, Lemon Drizzle (my fave!) and Carrot Cake too.

Cake buddies!



Pattern Detective!

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