Mel Collie | Painful SI Joint is awesome!

Mel Collie | Painful SI Joint is awesome!

OMG – as they say – a painful SI Joint is might not think so if you have Sacro iliac pain, because it ain’t nice!

BUT…..flip your thinking now, and what you’ve been told..because you certainly are not your diagnosis..

Its hurting because its doing an AWESOME job!

Its trying so hard to give your pelvis some stability, its hurting from overworking

Try this – Lie on your back and bend your knees.

Feet on the floor

Flatten your back – feel ok, no pain? great!

Arch your lower back, what side pains you the most?

Thats the side your scare iliac has compression going on…maybe..

get assessed …but..¬†why bother..?

Because, like my awesome case study today I assessed, you may just find that your SI Joint is actually working bloody hard for a glute and psoas(hip flexor) that isn’t working at all.

You just might find that your home exercises – that take 5 mins a day-will get those bad ass glutes going, that psoas working and that SI joint pain disappear.

However – you also might find other stuff – a simple posture assessment telling of other stories and compensations, maybe a shoulder thats overworking, maybe a core that is inhibited, no matter how hard you try with core exercises, it just wont respond, maybe you will find a few movement patterns your brain remembers, but you don’t.

Maybe your story needs unravelling to save time, gain strength, power, mobility, stability.

Mel Collie

Pattern Detective in Training



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