Mel Collie | I Just Decided …

Mel Collie | I Just Decided ..

I have no bad feelings for being judged in the past for being too “into posture and anatomy” and why don’t I just stick to teaching Pilates.
Well, thats kind of been nagging at me for a while now.
I had second thoughts, maybe even third and 4th thoughts about doing yet another course. Another course on anatomy. I had to hit the book again. Re study muscles, antagonists and synergists.
At times I though I was going backwards instead of forwards. I questioned my decision, and thought those people were right, I should just teach exercises and stop trying to “fix” people in pain.
However, since I was 5 , or there about, I wanted to be a Nurse.
I remember I had a Ladybrird book about it. They were the BEST!
Then I went and put my left hand through a glass pane in the kitchen door whilst having a paddy about clearing up my comics before bedtime…the glass shredded open my little finger.
Mum ran me to the Dr’s up the road.
This was early 1970’s…Im not even sure we had a phone..
Mum was a good runner.
All I remember then was being in the hospital, they were sewing up my finger, I remember the blood and the pain and the smell of the hospital
I waved goodbye to wanting to be Florence Nightingale ( she was my heroine!)
Later on in my little life, I remember passing out in hospital after going to visit a friend after she had her appendicitis out.
I felt faint when I’ve visited family in hospital.
I had a phobia.
Hospitals and me were not going to get along
However, I’ve recognised this , accepted it, talked myself through it, and if I go to a hospital now, I accept that I have about a 30 minute allowance before my head feels like its about to cave in and my spine shatter in two.
Yep…nice reaction!
I’m better than I used to be!
Maybe thats one of the reasons why I’ve not wanted to have kids!
Anyway, maybe its also why Im finding other ways of fulfilling my desire to be a nurse, to help people out of pain and have a better quality of life.
To undo the tight joints and improve stability and mobility
Pilates does a lot of stuff, and has helped many people
I’ve also seen it not help(not many fitness people will tell you that..)
I’ve seen people trying so hard to do core exercises, they’ve over activated their necks, held their breathe and increase a dysfunctional muscle pattern they didn’t know they had.
This upsets me. I can sit back and do nothing, or, I can sit up and do something about that.
I’ve seen good teachers, I’ve seen awful ones, I’ve been taught by great teachers, I’ve also had awful ones.
Theres no real right or wrong, this is a tricky business, fitness and health, theres so many who will contradict you, whatever you say.
The fitness trend of wanting to be thin, fit and healthy, has its good points, and bad ones too.
Its making people feel guilty about eating a piece of cake, or fruit, guilty for having a coffee, guilty for not having enough water, feeling wrong and beating themselves up, falling off the wagon, then feeling guilty about that, they eat loads of sugar. Then feel guilty again.
Thats not healthy
Thats a mindset thing
It all starts with your mindset, but theres more money in diets than mindset, well, that, thankfully, is starting to change with a few of the better coaches I know in the industry.
But thats for a very long different post!
This ones about me wanting to be a nurse, and going about it a different way – becoming a Pilates instructor, doing lots of anatomy and brain health courses and ending up doing the very best course I have EVER done…NKT – Neurokinetic therapy.
The best support system.
The best training, face to face and videos
The best science behind it all
The best positive study groups – thanks to the very exuberant Simon Jones in Chester for all the advice, help, knowledge and jokes(!)Brilliant study group this morning!
The passion and truth behind it all shines through with Kathy Dooleys passion, she talk so fast!!.. but she’s got a lot to share with us, her passion is contagious, and her blog posts are inspirational! ( I stopped writing blog posts as detailed as hers a while ago, when I had negative feedback saying they were too technical and no one would get them..damn I’ve listened to the wrong people…my technical blogs are coming back, and you had better read them as I will ask you questions about them! )
My life has taken a different turn, again, I’m sure if I looked back it would be like a twisting and turning yellow brick road…
My steps towards becoming a therapist and having my therapy room set up have begun
Studying feels good
It doesn’t feel like work, I LOVE reading about fascia, patterns, muscles, synergists, antagonists, the brain, the limbic system…gimme more I say!
I sit up all hours of the day and night reading, practicing, watching the study videos, practicing more, reading more…
It truly is the missing link.
It matches well with the Pilates exercises I know
Its going to change how I teach…again..
Now I am venturing more into 1:1 sessions, so I can start each session with a quick pattern and muscle testing protocol to ensure core is switched on at the very least, and anything else we find can be dealt with in therapy sessions running alongside the private classes.
I’ve wanted to do this for a while I’ve wanted clients to get the very best from their investment of time and money with me.
Now I feel confident I have the right tools to do it
Thanks to the NKT guys, David Weinstock for creating it originally, and his book which totally confused me for 2 years, and all their handwork and passion.
So, now Im working on new stuff…
New website coming up!
New therapy sessions coming up!
New stuff coming up!
Happy 2016..and beyond !

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