Mel Collie | Why is Sitting Bad For You?

Mel Collie | Why is Sitting Bad For You?

Is sitting the new smoking? Should you feel bad about it?

The bad news is yes, it is the new smoking and is bad for your back, but…if you are a fidget then you are in great company because so am I and I sit a lot!

I write articles, I research, I read books, I always sitting..but I am a fidget, I get up I move I shift weight from wide to side, I move my feet, I wiggle my toes, I tap my face, I move my head, I look away, I do eye movements….all goes to help your brain realise that the screen isn’t your worlds space right now.

Ever heard about your hip flexors, the Psoas, pronounced So – Az ?

It a big muscle !

It crosses 3 joints, yep, 3 ! Thats a super highway!!

When a muscle crosses 2 joints it generally gets weak/inhibited against other muscles in its general locality, and even further

The Psoas can be inhibited in most people

It can stop working and be a bit lazy, because we sit so much.

Other things take over, even tiny tiny muscles, because you are AMAZING!

Your brain will re organise the pattern to make sure you keep moving, even if it means you are in pain, its only looking out for you!

So when you get pain, seek help from an NKT person who can check your funky little Psoas against those tighter muscles and see what is compensating for it.

You could be in for a surprise!

I sure was when I had mine tested and I had NO idea, now I’m super hot in my Psoas, she is smoking and I can do way more stuff than I used to do, especially when I get into the back of the Landcover to get the shopping bags out of the boot, I used to go in on my knees because I couldn’t push myself up on my feet, believing my legs to be weak…uh was my Psoas…Im also climbing and scrambling those mountains a whole lot easier too, more stamina, thanks to NKT…I got assessed.


Saved me loads of time in searching!

Up to you though!





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