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Mel Collie | Is it true? You are a biased liar…

Mel Collie | Is it true?You are a biased liar…!

I’m moving house…its all happening over the next few days

Moving house is the most stressful thing..

And last night it we should be packing, cleaning , and all that stuff..but we want to go outside and play in the snow

On top of all that my legs are aching from yesterdays 5 hour walk amongst the mountains of Snowdonia

I could do this easily:

  1. stay in the house, complain about my aching muscles and pack up the house, feeling sorry for myself..


  1. change my story

I chose to loved those aching muscles, a result of a fabulous walk over great mountains and wonderful scenery…then the distress over having those aching muscles just vanishes, along with the painful ache..

The packing can be done tonight, tomorrow and Friday…we don’t have a lot of stuff…no big pieces of furniture, just a landrover full of bags and boxes.

All I did was ask myself if I believed my story

Turns out I didn’t

I was lying to myself, finding excuses as to why I couldn’t do something…

We do it all the time..I bet you do it too..why you cant lose weight, why you cant eat healthily, why you cant just have 2 biscuits, why you cant just eat 1 square of chocolate, why you cant go for a daily walk, why you cant go to bed earlier, why you cant spend more time on yourself…etc

Its one of the hardest things you will do in your lifetime

You believe you hate heights..its a lie

You believe you cant do it..its a lie

You think you should have the abs of a 20 year old …its a lie

You give up because its too hard…its a lie

Looking to have instant results? Its about the long term vision. It has to fit into the lifestyle you already have, its a recognition that you aren’t the same person that you were, its about asking yourself  …does this work for me..are you looking for a new method. a new way, a new way of thought?

Change the way you think, which changes the way you act

Change the way you do ..which changes the way you think

They lead to the same thing

A new and improved you

If thats what you are searching for…

Its basic human nature to want, looking around the next corner..wondering whats next.

Our software has evolved not to wait for anything, forward plan..

Thats why 14 day fat loss programmes sell, they sell you the instant result.

Does it last?

Probably not…does that mean it could take more than that to get results?


Are you believing that you wont be happy until you are skinny? Thats a lie…

You have to wait for a “new you”

Come January, its all about the fast fix, come February most people have given up.

They don’t want to put in the effort..lets face it, you can go and have plastic surgery these days and get it done super quick, instant gratification..

We get moody if we have to wait a couple of seconds for broadband to work! Waiting behind 2 people in a queue is annoying!

If we get like that with people we don’t know, imagine how moody you are with yourself!

If you lying to your personal trainer/your other half/best friend,  then you are most definitely lying to yourself..all day long..and you are THE most important person!

Questions you can ask yourself about your story: Is it true? Can you ABSOLUTELY know that its true?

How do you react , how do you feel, when you believe that thought?

Who would YOU be without that thought?

Where would you be?What would change?

Get back to me when you have answered those questions…

Its a massive realisation when you question yourself..all the changes, results change, you change.

For me..I realised that a flat belly wasnt what I wanted, realised that post menopausal was the stage in my life where I was at, I realised that my hormones needed some help, I realised certain foods weren’t serving me anymore, I had to change a few things if I wanted to have health, energy and less cravings.

I chose willpower training too

I chose to try having just one or 2 bites of a dessert, then leaving the rest

I chose to have 2 sips of coffee, then leaving the rest

I chose to have a couple of slices of pizza, then leaving the rest

I chose to have a handful of walnuts/almonds, then leaving the rest

I chose to have 2 biscuits, then leaving the rest of the packet (which I would normally devour!)

I chose…I changed my story..I asked questions..

Your choice

Its all down to you





Mel Collie | Pelvic Floor Dysfunction?

Mel Collie | Pelvic Floor Dysfunction?

If you were watching daytime ITV last week, you would have witnessed a conversation on Loose Women about weak pelvic floor and leaking.

It wasn’t discussed in a manner that was very helpful to other women who find this embarrassing or want to stop this happening, but don’t know where to begin, who still believe squeezing and core exercises are the way to go for a”strong” pelvic floor.

A strong or weak pelvic floor can leak. A weak strong (yes, your muscles can be both) pelvic floor can be “tight” because its working for other muscles , and if its doing the work of other muscles, its exhausted (weak), and does not need any further strengthening without the other muscles its compensating for being strengthened first. For example, the glutes, external hip rotators or inner thigh muscles could be unorganised, which is another way of saying they aren’t working in harmony with the other muscles in the movement chain, maybe because of an injury, a scar- which can inhibit other muscles working well, or just sitting for a living

So, if you are doing pelvic floor exercises and they aren’t working, stop,it isn’t you, and you aren’t doing anything wrong, have a go at doing something else instead.

Heres 2 things you could start to work on instead:

  1. Awareness of your jaw clenching throughout the day. The jaw and pelvic floor fascia is connected, but the brain can also make the connection to use the jaw for strength, especially when during childbirth you clenched your jaw , the connection between that and pelvic floor contraction and relaxation was made in your brain – what gets fired together gets wired together…Clench your jaw, is your pelvic floor more toned when that happens? If it is, you cant walk around with a clenched jaw all day…or, maybe you have..
  2. Breathing. Its becoming more commonly known now, thankfully, that proper breathing using the diaphragm rather than the upper chest and shoulders can improve intra-abdominal pressure, thus improving pelvic floor tone , that doesn’t especially mean making a strong pelvic floor weak or strong, but making it work in tune with the other abdominal muscles and diaphragm, so they all work well together, they are more organised. Slow breathing can be practiced before you get out of bed in the morning and when you get into bed at night, in the bath or any other quiet moment to yourself – you need about 60 seconds each time to practice at first. Allowing the exhalation to be a little bit longer than the inhalation , as this is when the oxygen enters the blood cells. Always be aware you practice breathing without clenching the jaw, for me, who has a busy mind, this is the tricky bit, I clench my jaw often, but, with awareness, thats reducing and pelvic floor function has improved.If you find you would rather practice diaphragm breathing on your front, you cn do this too, some clients find this easier, as you are sing the surface your lower abdominals are resting on as feedback , breathing into your lower belly as your press it into the floor, exhaling as it gently lifts away from the floor. always aware the jaw is relaxed, the face soft, the shoulders down your back and glutes relaxed, no tense.

Practicing these 2 very simple free techniques 2 – 4 times a day, will see you get very fast and lasting results, it may, like me, make you aware of how much the jaw clenches, how much stress you can have in your life, even when you think you don’t, how much control you think you have and how surprised you will be when you see how everyday life affects your inner self.


Mel Collie

Neuro Kinetic Therapist

Assessments and treatments from Portreath, Cornwall, UK

Pilates Classes and 1:1 personal training




Mel Collie | How To Feel Lighter

Mel Collie | How To Feel Lighter

When was the last time you felt light?

I don’t mean lighter as in weight, so don’t go jumping on the scales…they are for dieters and we all know restriction leads to your body going completely in the other direction..

I actually mean lighter in your life

When was that?

When did you last feel bubbly inside, like those Vitamin tablets that dissolve in a  glass of water , bubbles fizzing away, when did you last do something that left you feel like that, all effervescent

inside , interested, curious,excited.

What were or are those little patches of light or sparkle?

What was the last thing you were curious about, that you wondered about.

It could be such a small thing, its almost not even worth bothering about, in fact you probably ignore it altogether.

I have one right now

I have a curiosity about macro photography. Everyone I follow on Twitter has been doing grand landscapes..but some are doing different stuff, I’m fascinated by ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) and Multiple Exposures, shots that makes you think and you remember, not photos that tell you what is there already with pretty colours and stuff and you forget a second later…Im curious about macro shots, small stuff, detail, microscopic photography, I have a patch of light about it, a sparkle or interest. I spent hours researching it yesterday afternoon..its sparked my curiosity

Now what not to do is to tell yourself its silly, its nothing grand and wont win you the lottery or make you ££££, because thats a sure fire way too kill ideas before they have even had a chance, its a sur fire way to kill any passion..

But , what if you just to followed it

See where it lead you..

You have no clue why you feel these little patches of light

But they just feel good

It feels right

If you don’t follow it, if you don’t listen to it, then you may just be depriving the world a glimpse of the human being that is you. Even if it touches one person.

Even if that person is just you

If you were not afraid of anything, nothing, not afraid of other peoples judgements or of your own (and that can be huge!) then what would you do for a living?

What excites you, what grabs your curiosity…what do you wonder about?

It my just be those little sparks of light that are you, become meaningful, become your passion..which could just change your happiness , wellness and even your life, without you even trying to steer the ship

You are following your sparks of light.



Mel Collie | Low Back Pain?

Mel Collie | Low Back Pain?

Have you ever had an MRI scan and been told by your GP that theres absolutely nothing wrong with your lower back, even though it hurts and has been nagging your for ever and affects your lifestyle, your energy and mood, but your MRI says that you are mistaken and your GP says its all in your head.

Something like that can make you feel stupid, doubt yourself and depressed

Many of us weren’t taught anatomy in school, I certainly was, or I was off school that day..or maybe my 51 year old brain just doesn’t remember that far back..

I think I will go for the latter!

Turns out that your little discs between the bones in your spine have to be very far out of place in order to touch a nerve, so if you are worried about disc bulges, they aren’t that common

If the words on your MRI report say they have found nothing wrong, then your discs are doing just fine, if you are over 50 like me then your spine will have some wear and tear, its normal.

You’ve also got muscles attached to your spine, surprised?

Many of us stretch our hamstrings or quads, those muscles on the back and front of your thigh..

But we are surprised when our lower back hurts because we don’t move as the body was designed to move.

Its just the way of the modern world

We sit

A lot

The most powerful muscle of the body is the one we sit on.

The glutes, you have 2 other them

You also have 2 muscles either side of the lower back that are a common issue in lower back pain, because we don’t do a lot of side bending, these muscles get tight…or might be tight, the other may be ok, until you have an assessment, you will just be guessing.

If ones weak, it could still be painful if ones tight it can mean its doing double the work, its what is known as facilitated, it could be working for other muscles that are nearby that have stopped doing their job, because of sitting, injury, surgery…or just because…you may never know why, its fixing it that you want, a result.

I’m opening up my new therapy centre in Portreath,  Cornwall, using Neuro Kinetic Therapy, from May 6th, specialising in assessing core strength and stability and lower back pain treatments.

Heres where Ive added some available dates for assessments with a discounted opening offer for all clients.

Mel Collie

NKT Level 1 & Pilates Instructor


Mel Collie | Is stress a positive thing?

Mel Collie | Is stress a positive thing?


Stress.. a warning sign to the mind thats something wrong in the data set. The mind looked inside itself and said..hey, whats going of the filing cabinets is open and is not neat and tidy in here, its unorganised, its messy….whats happening?

Stress…the minds inability to be able to solve the situation..the minds constantly housekeeping, every second its checking the files..all the data, making sure its all in place, organised, and stress is where the mind says , this isn’t right, its not supposed to be like this.

You’ve hit a point, theres something you don’t agree with, its not that somethings actually WRONG, its just that you don’t agree with whats going on..

So, is stress a positive thing?

Is it an illusion..have we created the stress we know today, modern stress?

Well, your mind creates a state of feeling , you have a moan at yourself, because you don’t have anyone else to moan to.

We judge ourselves, often speaking to ourselves the way you would never allow a friend to speak to us.

We then internalise whatever it is we don’t agree with and it manifests as stress

The external stuff can be things like being stuck in a job you hate, not having the latest fashions, not having a new car, unable to afford to go abroad or buy new shoes or the latest laptop or newest mobile.

All these thoughts and processes bubble over in our minds.

We have an inability to recognise the data, our brains cant organise it, so we then get stressed..

We cant work it out

We haven’t got the answer

So we row with the self

Instead of…accepting it

When  your body is thirsty you need the bodies last attempt to get water, to get your attention to drink and hydrate.

Stress is mental thirst, bubbling over with information that your mind cant put it into a neat pile, it goes into hyperdrive in terms of intellectual responses, so you over think and over analyse. as the brain throws information at every situation, it cant put it into boxes, making it neat and tidy, organised. Our 10,000 year old ancestors reacted instinctively to the growing stimulus and fought or ran from the tiger/lion/melting volcano.

Now we have invented issues we call stress – the mobile fell down the loo, cant find the car keys, cant get a six pack, the person in the office has a belly is flatter than yours, the office isn’t tidy, the trousers aren’t ironed properly…etc etc…

If you react often to situations like these they can be an indicator to where the real problems are in your life.

They are all invented problems that aren’t a threat to our survival, like the caveman running from the tiger.

So, maybe we  have to just accept thats what happening, realise it accept it..

So, how can we begin to quieten the mind and release some of the stress we feel?


Ways to de stress

  • Quiet time is so important, especially with the constant noise from social media. Quiet time helps our mind to strip back the information that is not necessary.
  • Breathing slow and deep – 10 times – repeat 4 times a day.
  • Go for a walk on the beach/woodland/mountains/park
  • Have a bath – no one is allowed to disturb you
  • Read a book that stimulates your mind away from the glossing over stuff like how the latest celeb lost a zillion stone and how their wash board stomach makes them happy ..
  • Challenge yourself – do something that scares you…go climbing (believe me..that will really get you going..), go scrambling, go for a run, book yourself into something you have to work towards like a marathon, learn something new, spend a night out wild camping and look at the stars ..
  • Spend less time on social media and more time meditating, which doesn’t mean you war orange robes and sit for hours at a time, it can be as simple as just a minute a day, doing something that grabs your curiosity – like playing the guitar for example..

However, ultimately, to accept it, realise that you have situations that are stressful to you, and ask why, notice the knock on effects, how you can change your beliefs.

Mel Collie