Mel Collie | Is it true? You are a biased liar…

Mel Collie | Is it true?You are a biased liar…!

I’m moving house…its all happening over the next few days

Moving house is the most stressful thing..

And last night it we should be packing, cleaning , and all that stuff..but we want to go outside and play in the snow

On top of all that my legs are aching from yesterdays 5 hour walk amongst the mountains of Snowdonia

I could do this easily:

  1. stay in the house, complain about my aching muscles and pack up the house, feeling sorry for myself..


  1. change my story

I chose to loved those aching muscles, a result of a fabulous walk over great mountains and wonderful scenery…then the distress over having those aching muscles just vanishes, along with the painful ache..

The packing can be done tonight, tomorrow and Friday…we don’t have a lot of stuff…no big pieces of furniture, just a landrover full of bags and boxes.

All I did was ask myself if I believed my story

Turns out I didn’t

I was lying to myself, finding excuses as to why I couldn’t do something…

We do it all the time..I bet you do it too..why you cant lose weight, why you cant eat healthily, why you cant just have 2 biscuits, why you cant just eat 1 square of chocolate, why you cant go for a daily walk, why you cant go to bed earlier, why you cant spend more time on yourself…etc

Its one of the hardest things you will do in your lifetime

You believe you hate heights..its a lie

You believe you cant do it..its a lie

You think you should have the abs of a 20 year old …its a lie

You give up because its too hard…its a lie

Looking to have instant results? Its about the long term vision. It has to fit into the lifestyle you already have, its a recognition that you aren’t the same person that you were, its about asking yourself  …does this work for me..are you looking for a new method. a new way, a new way of thought?

Change the way you think, which changes the way you act

Change the way you do ..which changes the way you think

They lead to the same thing

A new and improved you

If thats what you are searching for…

Its basic human nature to want, looking around the next corner..wondering whats next.

Our software has evolved not to wait for anything, forward plan..

Thats why 14 day fat loss programmes sell, they sell you the instant result.

Does it last?

Probably not…does that mean it could take more than that to get results?


Are you believing that you wont be happy until you are skinny? Thats a lie…

You have to wait for a “new you”

Come January, its all about the fast fix, come February most people have given up.

They don’t want to put in the effort..lets face it, you can go and have plastic surgery these days and get it done super quick, instant gratification..

We get moody if we have to wait a couple of seconds for broadband to work! Waiting behind 2 people in a queue is annoying!

If we get like that with people we don’t know, imagine how moody you are with yourself!

If you lying to your personal trainer/your other half/best friend,  then you are most definitely lying to yourself..all day long..and you are THE most important person!

Questions you can ask yourself about your story: Is it true? Can you ABSOLUTELY know that its true?

How do you react , how do you feel, when you believe that thought?

Who would YOU be without that thought?

Where would you be?What would change?

Get back to me when you have answered those questions…

Its a massive realisation when you question yourself..all the changes, results change, you change.

For me..I realised that a flat belly wasnt what I wanted, realised that post menopausal was the stage in my life where I was at, I realised that my hormones needed some help, I realised certain foods weren’t serving me anymore, I had to change a few things if I wanted to have health, energy and less cravings.

I chose willpower training too

I chose to try having just one or 2 bites of a dessert, then leaving the rest

I chose to have 2 sips of coffee, then leaving the rest

I chose to have a couple of slices of pizza, then leaving the rest

I chose to have a handful of walnuts/almonds, then leaving the rest

I chose to have 2 biscuits, then leaving the rest of the packet (which I would normally devour!)

I chose…I changed my story..I asked questions..

Your choice

Its all down to you





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