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Your Brain – I

A Brain in a Head or Shadows on the wall of a cave

The brain has never ‘seen” the world, never ‘tasted’, ‘touched’, ‘ smelt’ or ‘heard’ it.

Your entire conscious experience is based upon sensory input data, merely the flow of electrons through the central nervous system (CNS) to the brain from the various sensory Organs, it is just an information, collection and organisation system and as such patterns and regularities will manifest within the storage and processing of this information. Certain things group together, preferences start to emerge (the more coffee you have the more you like coffee!)

Bias builds up until those anomalies become evident enough that they begin to influence our output data processing and feedback loops emerge.

The longer you think i.e. the longer that brain lives the more biased it becomes. So it follows that the most pure conscious experience, the truest reality is the acceptance of this realisation.

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Mel Collie

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