Mel Pilates dvd pic Jamie reed 2012Working harder? Pushing yourself ? Hate every second?

Mels approach is a bit different. Her main expertise lies in rehabilitation and therapy.

She does get her loyal clients  awesome results in her Pilates based sessions which  her clients say are fun, relaxed, effective and allow you to actually want to be there, want to achieve your passions and be the best version of yourself.

A brilliant pain rehabilitation therapist, using neurologically designed assessments to use your brain to remove your pain, is successful everytime, and fast too. Seeing increase in movement and reduction in pain in seconds, it amazes clients as well as Melanie!

You might get the odd joke, she never remembers punchlines… but also great realistic no nonsense tips to help you be kind to yourself and understand a more holistic side to your life, if thats what you are looking for, you are in the right place.

She loves using her neurolinguistic coaching skills to help clients achieve that little bit more in their lives.


7 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi there

    Where do your classes take place and time and also, how much is it per session?
    I’m a complete beginner and have never done pilates before.
    I’d appreciate if you could contact me via email.
    Many thanks

  2. Hi, I want to find out more about classes for beginners. Could you please provide me with some information about your classes. Thanks Becks

  3. Hi watched you bent knee fall out u tube – really good –
    but are you able to tell me why find neutral why not let the leg fall out to much – what consequences do we suffer if we do the exercise wrong etc if you could let me know that would be great

    • There just may be movement in the opposit hip, and thats just fine, we arent looking to be completely rock solid. We are trying to avoid using the lumbar spine instead of using the lateral hip rotators and the inner thighs. Stabilising the lower back as you increase the mobility of the hip, this is a good place to begin to learn stability of the pelvis. Great question :)

    • Hi, all Pilates classes are in my home studio in Portreath, this week is the last week of the term as they run by the school term timetable.
      The new term begins November 4th for another 7 week run.
      Beginners classes are Monday at 7.15pm and Tuesday at 7pm . £45.50 for the whole term.
      WE supple all the equipment, you just turn up :)
      More information and bookings can be also found here: https://bookwhen.com/melcollie
      Or you are welcome to leave a message and I can call you.
      Thank you.

  4. Hi Mel, are you still doing Bed and breakfast. I stayed in the cottage next door to you with my wife Suzanne and my children Sam and Imogen on Tregea Terrace. I have been offered some work teaching at cornwall college for two weeks as an induction / trial and wonder whether you can provide me with accommodation.
    Can you please contact me on 07944 127 412 or on my email.
    Kind Regards Tom Poole.

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