Neuro Kinetic Therapy


Mel Collie | Got Pain?

Would you like to get the the “why” you still have aches and pain and niggles?

Our brain &  nervous system control our movement..over time dysfunctional movement patterns can occur, resulting in tight muscles and pain.

We learned, when we were small,  to stand up and walk by getting it wrong many times, we fell over often, finally our brain understood the “how”.

It does this without you even realising it.

The same applies to when you reach to pick up that cup of tea, we don’t realise how many joints and muscles work in harmony with each other to achieve this movement pattern.

However, sometimes the software changes and the wrong information is received, a different pathway recorded,  the pattern gets stuck. This results in compensation, pain and dysfunction.

This can be as a result of a trauma, a fall, a sprain, an injury, stress, surgery.





“Its freaky…how did that happen? Ive never been able to lift my arm that high…”

“I can’t explain it, I just feel different…more alert and alive..”

“I must get my husband to book an appointment, he’s had back pain for so many years now.”

“I don’t know how that worked.. impossible..weird.lost for words.”

”  …weird..but now I have no pain in almost 3 years..I’m amazed, but also annoyed that I’ve wasted so much money on other methods…this is worth every penny. Magical. 

“You’ve changed my life”

“I cant recall the last time I felt this good.”

“Thank you for my pain free days”

If you have tried other methods & are truly serious about taking the next step to discover whats going on with your nervous system,  rather than just doing the same as everyone else, then this could just be for you.

  • Initial in depth evaluation and therapy session, which can usually be 90 minutes
  • 3 x 60 minute follow on sessions to check your progress. This follow on sessions are vital to your ongoing progress. 
  • Full guidance and support via email & video calls between sessions.
  • Personalised Home Exercise assignment videos to follow via email to keep your mobility and strength in check.
  • £160

Payments in advance of the first session can be made via Paypal or BACS, details will be passed to you when you book your sessions.

Sessions are weekly or fortnightly which can be discussed and agreed upon in our initial call.

The older and more complex the issue, the longer it may take to see an improvement, though many do see an improvement in their movement and reduced pain in the first session, though it could take the 4 sessions if the history of issues is more detailed.

48 hours cancellation notice policy applies. Please respect the time of others who may have used your appointment schedule.

How To Book – please email or call 07800797300

Please also be aware that all appointments are from my home treatment room in Portreath, North Cornwall.

More information? Check the website to read up on Neuro Kinetic Therapy and how its helping people throughout the world out of pain and into better movement for life, courses are run worldwide and attended by Physios, Chiropractors, Movement specialists, Pilates & Yoga instructors, Acupuncturists.