Who Is Mel Collie?

In 2009, after redundancy from the property business due to the housing market changing, I decided to change my lifestyle completely.

For two years I attended Pilates classes in a  local gym, I loved the way it changed your body without excessively over training.

During the course in London, I was I was fascinated by different posture types and how the skeleton can differ from human to human.

Since then I’ve read tons of books and been on many anatomy courses, most recently Neuro-Kinetic Therapy.

Why bother? Well, theres a lot of research out there on back pain, movement, mobility, stability, fascia.

I try my best to learn from leaders in the industry as theres a lot of false information in the health and fitness industry that creates more problems.

My Pilates You Tube videos cover 6 years work, although I now teach smaller classes, only a maximum of 4 per session with a focus on de stressing the mind , awareness of the our bodies and our individual compensation patterns, I also combine activation and release techniques learned from the two levels of Neuro Kinetic Therapy studied during 2016/17.

However, I don’t talk about skeletons and brains all the time!  I’m often outside wandering the beautiful and rugged North Cornish coast with my Canon camera creating stories.

My abstract photography work has recently been published and can be found here:  www.melcollie.co.uk



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