Who Is Mel Collie?

In 2009 I was well into my Pilates training course ,was fascinated by different posture types and how our bones can be so different from person to person.

Since then I’ve read tons of books and been on many anatomy courses, most recently Neuro-Kinetic Therapy.

Why? Well, theres a lot of research out there on back pain, movement, mobility, stability, fascia.

I try my best to learn from leaders in the industry, which sometimes, can seem a bit whacky, as a lot of that research is all about neurology.

However, I don’t talk about skeletons and brains all the time…honest, I’m often outside with my Canon camera taking either landscape. abstract or macro photos which is my other passion!

But ..if you want to listen – heres some of my videos for you …


Mel Collie

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