The Pilates Space

You are not the same as everyone else

Your body moves differently

You have unique thoughts and experiences that have shaped you throughout your life

Should your training be the same as everyone else?

Should your training have an off- the- shelf cookie cutter approach?

I don’t think so either.

Thats why I created personalised sessions that are tailor made for your unique body

With a maximum of 4 people in each session so you get better attention.

Improving core, balance and strength – if thats what your body requires.


Before & during each session your nervous system is assessed.

From the assessments your body will analysed to ensure you are doing the exercises that your body needs

Not someone else

If your hips are tight then we will work on those

If they aren’t, then we wont.


Specific Rehabilitation Pilates & Movement sessions are Tuesday 6pm & Wednesday 10am.

Three spaces per class, please contact me for availability or for a private sessions. 

Each 60 minute session is £10 pp in  each Pilates class.

Private 1:1 sessions are £40

Private Reformer Pilates £50 initial session, £40 thereafter.


Maximum of 4 people per session in the matwork classes unless it Rehabilitation session on a Wednesday morning.

Please contact to book or if you have any questions about all of the above and more.

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