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Are you just fed up with living with pain and less mobility?

Find it tricky to get to sessions because you are just too busy?

I’ve created an easy to follow, downloadable e book just for you.

You get instant access direct to your email address, so you can begin when you are ready.

My free book has easy to follow instructions with video links for you to click and watch as you move at your own pace and gently through two phases of simple exercises that are very beneficial for less pain and more mobility, stability and flexibility.

Saras increased shoulder range took seconds

Improve Arms & Shoulder Movements

Phase 1 and Phase II

Two phases so you can progress as you move through the levels at your own pace.

I’ve ¬†also included recipes that avoid inflammatory foods that may create problems for your joints

As usual, I am available to answer any questions once you receive your ebook direct to your inbox.

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