Are you just fed up with being in pain?


Back pain isn’t always what it seems.

There are many reasons behind why your back is feeling painful.

For many, it can be because of inhibited “core” muscles.

Surgery in the abdominals can switch them off creating inhibited (weak)muscles, but facilitated (tight) back muscles.

Maybe you have had children, which has affected your pelvic floor, a caesarean section can switch off core muscles and the back muscles then becomes tighter, more painful.

Any scars can affect the fascial matrix under the skin which in turn creates compensation patterns.

If this sounds like you, then maybe this is what you’ve been looking for, I would LOVE to hear from you.

Using up to date neuro-science based assessments I help many people out of long standing pain.

Because I don’t think that just because someone told you that you have got pain, and you just have to live with it, then thats it…I believe that by using simple brain hacks like vision drills, vestibular drills, proprioceptive drills, spatial awareness drills, that you can put all of these together and have a pain free life.

Contact me to make an appointment, and find out a lot more stuff about your brain, body, compensation patterns, sub systems and movement.


The Pilates Space, Portreath, North Cornwall, TR16 4NG

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