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Mel Collie | What is Grounding and how can it help your energy levels?

Mel Collie | What is Grounding and how can it help your energy levels?

Grounding..is it the missing link?

On a health kick for the summer? Eating loads of green veggies, sales, fruit and drinking 2 litres of water a day?

Me too…done it before, but this time its different . I’ve learned some coaching skills to ask myself the right questions , so its more than just wanting to be fitter or slimmer for the beach..
It goes  a lot deeper than that.

When you ask yourself the right questions, you begin to understand the “Why” behind your actions, as a lot of choices go back to childhood, back to when you were upset , crying, were given sweet treats to eat to comfort you, the brain is hardwired to realise this, so realisation as to why and when we reach for sweet things, goes deeper than just because its in the fridge.

Grounding is another powerful tool to help us.

Taking off your shoes and walking in the grass, feeling an uneven natural surface underfoot connects all the way up to your brain, plus your abs are connected to your feet, so the more your feet move the better the connection all the way up the kinetic chain.

Remember though, if you are the kind of person who always pushes themselves, thinks that rest, meditation, playfulness, relaxation, massage – are a waste of time or you are too buys for those kind of things, look at it this way..

Always working out isn’t great for the body, it needs to recover, rejuvenate, replenish.
So if you rely on coffee, alcohol, drugs to wake you up and keep your energy levels up, take away some stuff from your life right now to make space.

The average body today has 200 chemicals that do not belong in the human body.
Allow them to escape or diminish them by..

1. Stop overloading the immune system with chemicals so it can help you, not struggle – drink water over fizzy drinks for example, a simple thing, yet we shun it, is it because we think it too simple or that water is boring? We are made up from a very high percentage of water, we aren’t boring, get drinking, your immune system will be so grateful, as will your digestive system too.
2. Fatigue is becoming more common place, we are tired, yet wired. Adrenal fatigue is common, waking up but feeling tired and foggy. Count how many cups of caffeine you drink a day/week/month. Cut that figure by 50%. See how you feel then go for the whole lot, cut it all out. Replace the habit with caffeine free drinks – herbal tea (I started with peppermint tea and then tried others) Green tea is a good one in the beginning, it has a small amount of caffeine in it, but you may, if you are caffeine reactive, find that has to go too in the long run. Me ? I went from a habit of 5 or 6 double espressos plus sugar, to 1 in a week (phew…detox headache, and the smell off coffee made me feel sick..)went on peppermint tea, and green tea, lemon verbena tea, and other herbal teas.
3. Spend more time away from the mobile that on it. Switch it off, put it on silent, stop checking your emails and what everyone else is doing on Facebook…really, too much now..
its boring, get a real life and go for a walk, meet up with friends, get cooking real dinners. Wi Fi can seriously deplete energy levels, for many of us, we are totally unaware that we are sensitive to something we can’t see.
4. Improve digestion by taking long slow deep breaths as a habit, improve your brain function as well whilst you are at it. Breathe in for 4 slow (and I mean slow…) counts, hold it for 4 counts, exhale for 4 and hold that exhale for 4. Repeat for a minute x 10 times a day 😉
Its free!
5. Try Tai Chi, Qi Gong, relaxing ways to “train” without feeling you have to beast yourself overtime you go to the gym, working in is more important than working out..helps balance the energies and hormonal system in a toxic world .

Bring some grounding habits into your life and watch your body become less chaotic.
Love and stuff as always..

Mel Collie & Chris Tuck
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