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Mel Collie | Back Pain?

Mel Collie | Back Pain?

Theres many causes of back pain which is why I use a method that tests whats going on in your body, because you are unique, but, here are  three things that sometimes show up:

  1. Scars. Abdominal surgery, C-sections, appendix scars, can inhibit the abdominal muscles. This means some or all of the abdominals can be weak, and not contract well, stability has to be achieved elsewhere, possibly the neck and shoulders, so if you have an ab scar, and neck tightness and pain, then there could be a connection.
  2. Feet. Your foot placement can also be a cause of back pain. If you have toe pain, especially the big toe, this can jam the sacrum leading to tightness and pain in the back.
  3. Rotation. Lack of rotation in the thoracic spine, thats the mid spine from the base of your neck to the top of your lumbar spine. Reduced movement in this area means that the back jams up. The neck and shoulder may also have issues.

So, you can see that its not just a lower back issue. Your lower back depends on the other parts around it to be working in harmony, it has no option but to tighten up to create stability.

Being assessed means the world of difference, you may have stubbed your toe, you may have had surgery , you may have had dental work, you may have tight hips, you may have a compensation strategy you aren’t aware of, until the pain starts to really bug you and you need to check it out.

Lower back pain is so common. Looking outside the box however, isn’t.

So if the usual strategies of rest, cream and pills and even some exercises aren’t helping, its not you thats broken, its the information you are listening to.

Try something different and get assessed, be ready to list your history of injury, accidents, surgery, as far back as you can remember.

One clients back pain came from when he fell off the slide as a youngster, and the brain strategy to help him move was to compress the lower back. He was still moving, but with pain in the back. Decompressing the lower back , in his case, was key to switch back on the muscles to stabilise the centre, so the arms and legs could move well.

However, that may not be your issue, because you probably didn’t fall off a slide..

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Mel Collie | Low Back Pain isn’t quite what it seems!

Mel Collie | Low Back Pain isn’t quite what it seems!

Pattern Detective checking in !

Yesterdays top pattern detectivinism (is that a word?) was my other half having constant right low back sensitivity by the last rib.

As I have to do 3 case studies and a 30 minute session to earn my Level 1 NKT certificate, the findings of his pain was going to be just one of my NKT case studies.

I touched his low back and found the site of sensitivity, he nearly jumped off the table

I check the synergists and antagonists for the muscle in this area – Quadrates Lumborum (love that name…sounds like a villain in James Bond)

This is where you place your ego aside, and listen to the body. Not what you THINK should be happening.

Turns out the TFL (on the outside of his opposite leg) was not as great as it should be, it wasn’t stepping up to the plate, his low back was doing the work to stabilise it. Weird huh!! ??

When we went back to check the sensitive area, it had, more  of less, gone..of course, he has the homework to do, thats a given to ensure the result sticks, the brain has a new path to carve, accept and stay on.


But being honest with the work

Accept the reality and go with it, be prepared to allow it to blow your mind  …there are no absolutes..

Mel Collie

Pattern Detective in Training!