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Mel Collie | 3 Ways to Reduce Belly Fat

Mel Collie | 3 Ways to Reduce Belly Fat

Firstly though, do you really want to reduce belly fat for yourself, or for someone else, because knowing why you want to achieve something and what it takes to get there are the real reasons you stick at something, show up when you don’t feel like it, realise that you will come across obstacles,life will get in the way and its not as easy as the celebs say on the dvd…

  1. Effort. Yes you need effort, realisation and a passion to really want this, willpower doesn’t work, it will fail you and you will reach for sugar and cancel your training sessions. Motivation , a passion and real reason behind your WHY is your key to sticking to your goal, you need more than “I just want to lose my belly”…peel the onion, peel back the layers and ask yourself why you want to…is it because you want to look great naked with the lights on in the bedroom…if so, why is that, so your other half will still fancy you, do you believe they wont fancy you if you have a belly, do they tell you that, is that thought true, if it is, who made you feel like that? This kind of peeling back the layers can be very painful, and induce tears sometimes, so be prepared to face your real truth, its liberating…but a bumpy ride for many of us as we face reality.
  2. Working in is just as important as working out. Shame really that sex sells…and things like meditation and breathing done make as much money, however, the tide has started to turn and people are seeking some peace and quiet in their lives. Belly fat stores cortisol, released from the arenal glands which sit on top of your kidneys, this means stubborn belly fat wont budge until you calm it down a bit. Working out for longer and every day may not cut it for you, might have done when you were younger, but if you are now stressed, hate your job, have low self esteem, think you aren’t worthy, menopausal and don’t celebrate the fact that you are alive and love your planet, then cortisol just might hanging around for too long. Yes we need that hormone, but not too much of it. Working in means breathing slowly and deeply a few times before you eat, touching your lips stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps with rest and digesting food, taking a 20 minutes walk everyday, loving sex with your other half (if you are single then yes, masturbation also helps reduce stress…it also doesn’t make you blind…)Meditation and mindfulness are the obvious others as well, you’ve heard of them Im sure, but do you bother to practice them. You don’t need to be a Buddhist or chant, or indeed wear Orange robes, but a minute, 4 or 5 times a day, just focus on your breathing, be aware of you, be aware that in those 60 seconds, your thoughts will distract you. Busy brain you have there, as we all do. Clarity comes with practicing mindfulness, meditation, which helps reduce stress and anxiety, but you’ve got to do it. Always a catch…
  3. Perfection. Drop the perfection thing. Waiting to do something until the time is right, until everything perfect, until you are perfect, may take a while. Just start, make errors, make mistakes, its part of the journey, yet no one talks about their errors on social media, just their perfect lives..yet behind that mask they wear are may errors and mistakes. Be prepared to fail, embrace them and move on. You are already at perfection, just as you are. Its everyone else judgements about you that tip you of balance. Awareness of where you are right now is enough, you are enough and doing what you can with the best of your ability, is enough. Stop comparing, and accept you. As you.





Mel Collie | 3 Ways to Be Enough

Mel Collie | 3 Ways to Be Enough

There is a saying , and many other positive ones to add to it, that goes around the social media sites that proclaims that you are enough, and you should know it by now..

Well, its true of course, you are enough, so am I, so is the person that you don’t like very much (that’s a tough one…)

However, many of us don’t believe that we are enough, often.
Reading posts that tell us that we should be reminded that we have a right to be here on the planet, to be heard, to know that we are gorgeous just as we are, don’t sink in when there are other things going on in our life that are harful to our survival.That are threats to our wellbeing and future.

Your brain is a complicated thing.

It only asks you 1 question, can I survive this.

When its not sure, it will slow you down and make you think and do things that you might not choose to do in happier circumstances.

Healthy eating, fitness, your flat ab goal for a summer beach body (thats a whole other story I will touch on next week..) any goals you have, will be put aside whilst your brain puts survival as priority.

Theres no such thing as being weak willed, you are never that.
Your brain has a hierarchy of threats, the first one being respiration,, of course when thats reduced it thinks you arent going to be here much longer, so it has to slow you down, your movements, digestion, energy, until its happy your future is no longer under threat of survival.

…even sex goes out the window, the last thing a threatened brain wants is to reproduce, it seeks safety first.

Threats can be as simple as an unexpected bill in the post, moving house, being judged by others, a feeling of disconnect with the family or in the town/village where you live.

The next time you beat yourself up about not feeling that you are enough, look at other areas of life first
1. Good old stress..the S word is common nowadays, but too much and your brain will be stuck in FFF – Fight, Flight or Freeze
2. Cortisol production increases, and with it comes increased belly fat, relaxation, meditation, daily walks, deep breathing, massages, all contribute to lowered cortisol, its not all about how much exercise you do, too much of the wrong kind for your body and you may not be seeing the results you want. be kinder.
3. Friends. Feeling part of the tribe, connection, safety, belonging, cuddles, eye contact, all help increase a hormone called oxytocin. Its made in the brain, in the hypothalamus ( you never know, you might be asked that on Mastermind one day…), too much stress = less oxytocin, the love hormone, helps reduce anxiety, is produced in abundance with human contact, eye contact, during sex , so, to reduce stress, go and cuddle your best mate or other half or the kids right now , ok even your teddy bear if you still have one..(Ive got 6…!)
4. Keep promises. Don’t cancel that massage, don’t cancel the drink with your best mate, dont break promises that you make for yourself. Promised yourself that you would do a few things this year, (remember new years resolutions?) did you want to take up Yoga or Pilates? Did you want to try a new type of food? Did you want to go travelling ? Did you want to read more? Walk more? Go to bed earlier? Have that bath and light those candles and relax more?Doing things for yourself doesn’t mean selfishness, it means you have more of an abundance mindset, so when you are happier and at peace with the self, you have more to give others.

Yes you are enough, but sometimes just reading it and bashing yourself over the head with it isn’t enough.Take a step back and lay some foundations.

Remember, your brain seeks survival. When you recognise that you are stuck in those reactions of fight, flight, freeze, be kind to yourself and take time out. Simple acts of deep slow breathing will send a message to your brain that all is well. Then some of the positive messages might sink in, stay there and you get those “lightbulb” moments 🙂

Mel Collie & Chris Tuck
Get more lightbulb moments by working with Mel & Chris over at their website, you can discover more here:

Mel Collie | My Top Diet Tip

Mel Collie | My Top Diet Tip


 Have you seen the date? Its not only nearly Christmas, its not that long to New Years Eve and those New Years Resolutions.

Most of us are already aiming to joining a  gym or workout more in Januarys after eating all those goodies over the holidays. Those “New Year New You” adverts will start to come out, though whatever would inspire you not to be you in the first place is beyond understanding, because you are you, and thats unique, how lovely is that?  Anyway…

With that in mind , this is my nos 1 top Diet tip, that I use all the time since I started teaching Bootcamps a couple of years ago, studied meditation, studied nutrition, studied neuroscience, read all the books I could get my hands on that covered all those things as if I was trying to find the answer .

Theres so many diet types out there, so many people telling us to eat this, eat that, dont drink that, dont eat that, take this supplement, dont do that exercise, dont meditate, do meditate, etc etc…makes you stop and change all the time, your inner self has no idea whats going on and is very confused, so gives up and tells you its digging its heels in until you stop messing about and do something it can understand.

This is it…are you ready…drum roll…

1. Be Happy .

Thats it

Did you groan then and look up to the heavens?

Good 🙂

So , imagine a person who goes to the gym in January, trains hard, works hard, feels pulled from all directions, hates working out, stands at the back of the class because they dont feel they fit in with the “clicky” crew at the front of the class, feels awkward in the gym, doesnt really know what to do but beats themselves up

the joy you feel moving towards your potential

Joy experience in ups and down.

when the crap happens

when the sleep doesnt come

when the cravings happen

when the dips stay

its all growth

Happiness isnt all red roses and smiles and rainbows.

The crap is all a part of your path.

Embrace it, step back and see it for what it is.