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Mel Collie | My Osteopenia Story


Mel Collie | My Osteopenia Story

When I was in my late 30’s, I thought I was pregnant, went to the Drs for a test, they told me, after a blood test, that I was going through an early menopause…at the time, I wasn’t happy, I felt that I was then left on the shelf with the possibility of having any kids taken away from me.

I was always a bit late in my decision making, so maybe I should’ve had them earlier, but I hadn’t met “Mr. Right” (whoever that is!)

So, after a bone scan, which they decided was best due to my age and the changes the body makes at that time in your life, it turned out my lower back showed signs of Osteopenia.
Me being me, I researched that…(more books and courses…!)

It’s not fatal and you can get better!

I changed my diet from this:

white bread
coffee(lots of espressos and sugar)
jacket potatoes

to this:
green twice a day (kale, watercress, spinach, savoy cabbage, cauliflower)
cheese – goats/sheeps/buffalo mozarella(easier to digest than cows)
bread – soda(easier to digest) but less of it, not everyday
herbal tea – gross – I thought – but loved peppermint , didn’t like the fruit ones. Tulsi Tea is awesome for relaxing stressed people(me!)
sweet potatoes (doesn’t raise blood sugar as much as white)
gluten free pasta

Yes, it wasn’t that hard actually. I had a realisation that hit home.

I could either be depressed about it and get worse or realise the truth, step up and get on with it, change some things and have a healthier future.

I chose the latter.
It took time though!

But I got there. I found better ways to cook veggies that I liked, because as a child I hated them!
I used to sit at that dinner table for hours until the plate was empty or Mum told me to get out of her sight 🙂

I now have more raw salads, spinach and watercress daily, green beans are a favourite, especially with a shepherds or cottage pie(made with sweet potatoes as a topping is lovely!)

Is prevention better than cure? Maybe..but sometimes you’ve got to have that wake up call before you do anything about it.

Have you had a wake up call? what was your reaction?

You know what? just be kind to yourself.

Thats the best thing you can ever do ..for you, it helps the inner you calm down, restore replenish, make better choices, and it has a knock on effect to those around you too. And thats always a good thing.

Mel Collie



Mel Collie | Weight Loss & Life Skills

Mel Collie | Willpower & Motivation

Think you need more willpower?
Turns out you don’t.
Its very limited, yet we tell ourselves – if only I had more willpower…
Then we feel a failure if we fall off the wagon when we are trying to change something about our lifestyle

So all of this information in these emails are to assist you in finding skills to help you change something you aren’t happy with right now.

No ones perfect, even those who proclaim a perfect life on faceboook aren’t perfect.:)

We feel guilty when we don’t keep to a diet, exercise plan, we berate ourselves.

With nothing to do with willpower but everything to do with skills heres some skills you know already, buy help to change a few habits:

Put your fork down between bites at meal times.
Read the labels of the food you choose to buy
Eat with no distractions- it leaves you feeling unsatisfied and affects digestion.

This 3 simple skills can change a lot of things for your digestive system.
We can be on a healthy diet, but still be stressed and anxious, which crates a build up of Cortisol, so when you eat with less stress and worry, it helps your hormonal cascade be as it should.

So next time you feel like reaching for a diet book or start a healthy eating plan, try changing some skills first then ask yourself better questions, like these…

How confident are you , on a scale of 1 – 10, that you can stick to the plan?
Whatever your answer was…ask yourself – What makes you a ……(insert number you had from the first question) and not a 0

This helps takes you away from being a victim, of seeing any diet in the past you haven’t stuck too or any change in your life that you haven’t wanted to stick to, it changes it from looking like a character flaw, you give yourself permission to be kind to yourself., into believing that it wasn’t a 365 days a year problem.

We believe it stays with us, berating ourselves constantly.

New habits can come about and be maintained by empowering yourself with knowledge, skills and kindness.

Much nicer than restriction, a telling off and hating yourself. Doesn’t get us anywhere, except running around in circles…but you had to run those circles to know that at some point you chose to have enough and seek a change, those circles, in a strange way, are lessons.

Mel Collie

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Mel Collie | What happens when you beat yourself up

Mel Collie | What happens when you beat yourself up

Don’t know about you, but I’m so guilty of this, I’m always beating myself up, telling myself off for not doing something or doing it incorrectly, making mistakes, a constant conversation with myself in my head.

So, what does it mean though and how can you see it for what it is?

Well, here’s the thing, it just means that you are living in the past, all the time, not liking yourself for something you didn’t do or say, it is a waste of energy when you look at it don’t you think? Energy you could be using to change what happened and move on.

Yep. Move on.

Accept it.

You might do it again, you might not.

I use those mistakes as lessons. All lessons are good ones. Stress is a way of you understanding you are doing stuff thats too much for you right now, stuff you don’t like, don’t enjoy or feel pressure.

Sometimes its good stress, it can motivate you, get you moving forward, meeting deadlines.

Other times we don’t know how to switch off, keep on taking more on until we can’t take it, it can be something simple that makes you flip.

Release it and feel a lot more freedom. See stress as your friend, not your enemy.

This gives you space to follow where and what you want to be. No ones judging you, you only think they are, when really, your worst critic is in your head.

So next time you catch yourself beating yourself up, giving yourself  hard time ..ask yourself a couple of questions.


Are those berating thoughts you are having absolutely true?

Who would you be without those thoughts?


Just answering those 2 questions can start a little shard of realisation in your brain.

Enjoy the journey





p.s. I thank Byron Katie and her Work for those questions, I use them everyday, and also on my 1:1 clients

p.p.s Drink Tulsi Tea, its a wonderful, kind of magical  herb (Holy Basil) from India that helps calm and relax you, get it from the health food shop before the government find out and make it illegal (only kidding..)


Mel Collie| 2 ways on Monday morning to embrace stress

Mel Collie| 2 ways on Monday morning to embrace stress

Earlier this week, a client was stressing about her Monday mornings

The build up starts on Sunday night though, an atmosphere of wanting to enjoy the last night of family and “me” time before rushing around on Monday morning.

Me too! I’m with you here, and I’ve been there.

2 things you can right now, without actually having to use up any precious time, because you are busy, right?

1. Embrace the stress. I know many gurus will tell you how to combat stress (I’ve done it loads of times) but stress keeps on coming back. We battle it, it comes back, we fight it, it comes back.

Stress, anxiety, fear, insecurity… is just this – thoughts that you are worrying about that haven’t happened yet. Its ok to feel stress, anxiety fear..whatever you name those feelings, its ok, we all get those feelings. How you deal with it – notice it, notice your breathe for a moment.

Just noticing your breathing slows down the “aaaauuugghhhh” feeling in your brain, but theres no time to discuss the science bit right now! As Nike say…just do it 🙂

2. Theres only 1 person who can create these feelings – thats you, that means theres only you who can deal with it, take it away, thats you. Taking responsibility for your thoughts in your head is hard, but worthwhile.

Ask yourself , when you get the next fearful thought ” is it true?”





Ask if its true when you next have those thoughts


You then let go of becoming a victim

You begin to see what you actually want

You suddenly have the clarity to act on what you want to do, be, have.

You accept what is.

I read this yesterday..When you realize that every stressful moment you experience is a gift that points you to your freedom, life becomes very kind.

So go to work with a different view to everyone else around you today, stop fighting the stress, and accept it.



Ever read the book “The Tiger who Came To tea?” Invite the Tiger in like the little girl did, and it wasn’t as bad as we all thought it would be. the Tiger isn’t that bad after all. Its all preconceived ideas , thoughts from past conditioning.

The Tiger is the stress.

Invite the Tiger in.



Mel Collie|5 ways to work with the Menopause

Mel Collie|5 ways to work with the Menopause

I was 50 this year..but my Menopause was apparant  10 years ago, I started going through it in my late 30’s, however, I was lucky, the night sweats and other things associated with the Menopause weren’t that bad, and the reasons now, looking back on that time, could have been because I was making different choices around nutrition and lifestyle due to a redundancy and change in career. Wow, thanks to that redundancy!

If you are going through symptoms right now, or are noticing that your body isn’t reacting to things like it did in your 20’s , then these 5 ways might just help you out too. (here’s a science bit first though…)

The hormone that helps us keep muscle tone and help keep belly fat stable and not increase is Testosterone. The hormone that increases belly fat is cortisol, even though we all need cortisol, too much of it doesn’t help us out. I will give you some ways to drop cortisol and increase testosterone. Keep reading…

Testosterone drops after we get to 45. Its less than half the level we had in our 20’s. So, staying the same with choices in nutrition and exercise, are a little bit crazy, doing ourselves more harm than good in expecting our bodies to react the way it did 20 years ago or more. Give yourself a break!

1. Grains and milk increase insulin in our bodies, this means that Testosterone drops too. Reduce the amount of grains you eat from day to day. If you drop them all immediately, you might not find that sustainable, so make changes you are happy with and are sustainable long term. If you love fruit or toast for breakfast and cereals too, change from having them every day to maybe 1 – 2 mornings a week only, and instead make time for omelettes, scrambled eggs, salmon and eggs (that’s a lot of eggs!)  Green smoothies, protein shakes. If you don’t do breakfast, then thats fine if that works for you.  Now, one way of breaking out of the “I cant eat that for breakfast!” is to look at that thought and question it…is that true? Is it really true? Maybe its time to change that thought and see the first meal of the day as just that, another meal, which means you can eat a stir fry, a chicken salad, a chicken omelette, soup, sounds a bit weird doesn’t it. Take a few times to realise that its not all that bad, and that it fill you up for the rest of the morning, so grabbing something to keep you going at 11am disappears.

2. Zinc – add some zinc into your day, 30 mgs a day is about right, no more as too much interferes with the bodies ability to absorb other minerals.

3. Sleep – get some quality sleep in, easy to say though isnt it…I was a terrible sleep, always taking at least an hour to actually get to sleep!  If you are super busy, and using that as a reason that you just cant get to bed by 10.30 , for 5 times a week, look at why that is, and can you change a few things around? Can you get to bed by 10.30pm, for just say,  3 nights a week, and then build it up to 5 ? Is it possible to switch off the laptop/tablet/tv so your brain gets time to wind down. Replace the social media for a bath, reading a chapter of a book, walking around the garden, standing outside and looking at the stars as you take 10 slow deep breaths, simple things, doable things, like-able things that nourish your brain and body . Good sleep helps testosterone levels. Lack of sleep helps increase cravings for carbs the next day, also relying on caffeine too increases cravings for sugar and reduces quality sleep, increases stress and reduces Magnesium levels.

4. Exercise – ok, heres the thing, if you are still doing loads of exercise and thinking doing more and more is the answer, stop that right now. Here you are, not sleeping, stressing, running around, doing loads of things for everyone else, spinning all those plates and then you decide its also a good idea to train hard too, Its like a punishment for your body “Im going to beast you so you had better give me those results!!”  Its going to dig its heel in and not budge, in fact over training and under recovering will increase belly fat. Switch those hour long classes at the gym for 20 – 30 minute sessions of HiiT (High Intensity Interval Training) BUT…only 1 – 3 times a week, that’s all, don’t do them everyday, that’s not the idea. Pilates and or Yoga will also help 1 – 3 times a week.

Now, the most important thing is to walk everyday. Yes, that’s all, that’s the magic ingredient, go for a walk. 30 minutes a day is something to aim for, 60 minutes even better, but don’t stress about trying to fit that in, start with the time you can do, then build it up over the weeks ahead. Me…I never walked anywhere..when I started to go for walks, I found it so BORING, unless it had a purpose,  like simply walking to the shops, walking around the park (hated that…)  had no reason why..until I changed my thinking and realised that just to walk was a gift, how fortunate to be able to walk and have the opportunity to walk in nature, see the trees, the flowers, say “hi” to others also doing the same, feeling the wind in your hair, just being on the planet – sounds a bit geeky doesn’t it 🙂  This simple walking in nature things reduces cortisol, reduces stress, helps our brains cope with the day to day stuff we have to deal with, calming and balancing, now thats what I call a purpose to walk.

5. Stress – already touched on this in the above, nut here’s the science. Stress is inevitable, it can be as simple as a deadline at work, kids driving you crazy, worrying about the future/past,  financial worries, nutritional stress, judgements from others, worrying about fitting in and keeping up with others (stop comparing yourself to others on social media!) Cortisol (fight, flight or freeze) blocks the effects of Testosterone, they compete, so if sex life isn’t happening because your sex drive is low, this could be one of the reasons, plus, if your muscles find it hard to tone up and belly fat isnt shifting look at what feels like a threat to you right now.

6. Extra one for you, is nutrition. Apart from the grains we talked about earlier, how much fat are you eating? Good fats like avocado, nuts, eggs, coconut oil, olive oil, ghee, butter – good fats help boost testosterone, actually help drop belly fat, however, don’t then reach for a big bag of peanuts and eat the whole lot. A handful or 2 , find what your body needs.  My favourites are almonds, a handful or 2 (maximum) 3 or 4 times a week, avocados 3 – 4 times a week , eggs everyday (I love omelettes, boiled eggs mashed with butter, fried eggs in coconut oil with watercress).

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Mel Collie