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Mel Collie | Got Bunions?


Ever looked at your feet and wondered why you have got bunions?

Take a look at the sole of the shoes you wear the most, it tells a story of how your foot works when you walk. Bunions often tell the story of a pronated foot. A pronated foot means that the arch is not as visible , however pronation is not a bad thing your foot pronates when you walk, its supposed to, but it becomes an issue if it gets stuck in pronation, creating bunions and an ankle that has limited mobility.

An ankle with limited mobility will look to the knee for help which can result in a painful knee. Its not the knee thats the problem, look to the ankle first before fixing the knee.

Standing up, place your feet in a pronated position, lose the natural arch of the foot, observe what happens to the knee, hip, shoulder and head. Take a few steps with a pronated foot, you may be able to notice that you use the big toe and second toe quite a lot as you walk. Your inner part of the shoe will be more worn than the outer part.

What can you do about it?

The Peroneals can be tender when bunions are an issue, this picture is a great shot that demonstrates where your Peroneals are, at the side of the shin,on the outer edge..find an area that feels tender, like you are pressing on  bruise. Massage the area gently, don’t go in too heavy , for a 30 – 60 seconds.



Then once they’ve released go to the outside band of the thigh called the Tensor Fascia Lata, TFL for short.

Strengthen the TFL by lying on your side so the leg you pronate on (however, it may be both feet..so you need to practice this on both sides) is on top, lift it slightly away from the bottom leg, no higher than your hip, and bring it forwards about 30 degrees, slowly and gently lift and lower the leg…its a very small movement, don’t be tempted to go big, you may be missing a trick by overdoing it.

5 reps max or until you feel the leg being to shake, if you feel that after the first rep, then stop, 1 rep is all you need, you will find that as you practice this at least twice a day, you will get stronger and be able to do more repetitions.

NKT Tensor Fascia Stength

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Mel Collie | Low Back Pain isn’t quite what it seems!

Mel Collie | Low Back Pain isn’t quite what it seems!

Pattern Detective checking in !

Yesterdays top pattern detectivinism (is that a word?) was my other half having constant right low back sensitivity by the last rib.

As I have to do 3 case studies and a 30 minute session to earn my Level 1 NKT certificate, the findings of his pain was going to be just one of my NKT case studies.

I touched his low back and found the site of sensitivity, he nearly jumped off the table

I check the synergists and antagonists for the muscle in this area – Quadrates Lumborum (love that name…sounds like a villain in James Bond)

This is where you place your ego aside, and listen to the body. Not what you THINK should be happening.

Turns out the TFL (on the outside of his opposite leg) was not as great as it should be, it wasn’t stepping up to the plate, his low back was doing the work to stabilise it. Weird huh!! ??

When we went back to check the sensitive area, it had, more  of less, gone..of course, he has the homework to do, thats a given to ensure the result sticks, the brain has a new path to carve, accept and stay on.


But being honest with the work

Accept the reality and go with it, be prepared to allow it to blow your mind  …there are no absolutes..

Mel Collie

Pattern Detective in Training!